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21 Things Everyone Obsessed With Sephora Knows To Be True

Hello lover.

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1. You know of a place filled with magic and beauty so irresistible that you can never NOT go in if you see it.

2. You can spot the iconic black-and-white façade from anywhere...

"There you are."
Buh Snarf / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: buhsnarf

"There you are."

3. ...and the soft glow of the lights call to you, "Come on in, it's warm, it's safe, and it smells like flowers and candy."

Mike Mozart / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

4. The moment you enter an immediate sense of joy washes over you and you're transported to your "happy place."

Starting to go numb in the cheeks.

5. Sometimes you go in with the intent of buying just one or two things...


6. ...but that all changes about two seconds into shopping.

"Clearly, I need all of this."

7. Every. Damn. Time.

Need a separate room for this Sephora haul alone.

8. Some people don't get it, but, like... they can't expect you to have just one shade of lipstick, right?

Nicola Romagna / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nromagna

9. I mean, the color coordination alone is droolworthy.

Picture perfect.
chickenscrawl / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: chengyee

Picture perfect.

10. Seriously, this may as well be candy.

"Yeah, I'd eat that. What of it?"
Scott Ableman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ableman

"Yeah, I'd eat that. What of it?"

11. You proudly show off your "testing" skills to the world, because they're basically works of art.

Bought all the shades, TBH.

12. You're constantly in awe of the mad skills Sephora employees have.


13. Your heart starts to beat a little faster when you walk by a makeup line you've never tried before...

Must. Have.
urbndork / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: urbndork

Must. Have.

14. ...but you never forget about your classic favorites either.

"Don't worry, I'm still here for you."

15. You get really excited when your birthday month finally rolls around, because...FREE BIRTHDAY GIFT!!

Gimme, gimmee!

16. And you're ALL about those free samples.

Can never have enough...right, RIGHT?

17. Your obsession is not limited to just in-store purchases.

Never been more excited for the mail to arrive.

18. And you sometimes try to "do something" about your obsession.


19. But then you remember that you're rewarded for your loyalty in the most wonderful of ways.


20. And you find yourself back in your sanctuary not long after.

"Hello lover."

21. Basically, your love affair with the greatest place on Earth can easily be summed up by this:


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