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    Nicole Crimi, Aka Regina's Little Sister In "Mean Girls," Is Now An Amazing Artist And Using Her Talents To Save Elephants

    Cady would be proud.

    If you're any kind of Mean Girls fan — and I'm just going to assume that you are because, ya know, you're here — then I probably don't need to remind you who Regina George's little sister is.

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    Her name was Kylie George, SHOULD YOU NEED THE REMINDER.

    And while Kylie was into ~questionable~ activities 14 years ago (YES, Mean Girls is THAT old! *SIIIIIGH*) — like, ya know, dancing to Girls Gone Wild — today, IRL Kylie (Nicole Crimi) is into, like, way more fetch things.

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    Talk about a T-freakin-BT.

    Since her days on the Mean Girls set, the 21-year-old artist graduated from McMaster University (this year!) and is now devoting a lot of her time to her other talent...painting!

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    And, I don't really need to tell you how insanely talented she is, because, like...JUST LOOK.

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    But her artwork isn't being created just for fun, either.

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    For the past couple of months, Crimi has been creating this gorgeous elephant painting to raise money for the wildlife charity Stop Poaching Now.

    Courtesy of Nicole Crimi

    Crimi plans on donating her elephant painting to Stop Poaching Now so it can be auctioned off to raise more funds for their cause.

    Talking about her work, Crimi told BuzzFeed:

    I create art to express what I cannot say in words. These elephants don't have their own voice to speak up against the wrong that is being done to them, therefore, I see it as our responsibility to take the initiative to protect them from extinction. I chose to be a part of Team Elephant so the funds I raise go to elephants, but the initiatives of Stop Poaching Now are for elephants, rhinos, and tigers.

    In fact, there's actually a very sweet backstory to her connection with elephants in particular:

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    "A few years ago I went to Thailand and visited an elephant sanctuary and fell in love with elephants! Therefore, it broke my heart to learn that 100 elephants are poached EVERY DAY because elephants play such an important role in the ecosystem and are so innocent and friendly," she told BuzzFeed.

    If you're interested in donating to her cause you can do so here.

    Courtesy of Nicole Crimi

    100% of the money raised from her initiative will go directly towards Stop Poaching Now.

    And you can follow Crimi and her artwork on Instagram here!

    Pretty sure Regina would be proud.

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    "Love ya."