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27 Things Everyone Obsessed With Ikea Will Understand

POÄNG for life.

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3. But then you immediately have the urge to redecorate your entire place...

"I can see my place looking like...this place."


7. Seriously.

"Came in for a lamp, leaving with a whole new 'look' for my bathroom."


10. And you have your absolute favorite items that you'll never get rid of unless someone pries them from your cold, dead hands.

"Hello POÄNG my old friend."

11. Or your children's...

Comfy reading? Yes please.

12. ...or, fine, your pet's.

"POÄNGs for everyone!!"


13. Honestly, you have very lofty dreams for your Billy bookcase system.


14. Actually, lofty dreams for every organization system.


15. Sure, assembling products may require a glass of wine...or two.

“FUCK. Why do I have several leftover screws?”

16. But you definitely get a high when you finish any project, big or small.



17. You probably have an endless supply of eraser-less pencils in your junk drawer at home.

"Thanks Ikea!"

18. You always celebrate the arrival of this year's new catalogue.

"My Sunday afternoon plans."


21. Also, let's not forget about the food...


22. ...which, BTW, you can smell from like a million miles away.

"Post-shopping cinnamon roll? Why, yes please."

23. You know all you need is basically a handful of change to enjoy these yummy treats.

There's no better way you'd want to spend a couple bucks.

24. And obviously you take some home with you.

Ya know, to curb withdrawal symptoms.