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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    27 Things Everyone Obsessed With Ikea Will Understand

    POÄNG for life.

    1. You know of a blue and yellow wonderland so magical that you've actually devoted whole days to visiting it.

    Håkan Dahlström / / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dahlstroms

    Shopping here is your weekend workout.

    2. The moment you step foot inside, it's like everything calls to you, "Come sit, take a break, you've earned it."

    Antonio Tajuelo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: antoniotajuelo

    You know you want to.

    3. But then you immediately have the urge to redecorate your entire place...

    4. ...and find yourself mentally remodeling your home every two seconds...

    Kelly Sue DeConnick / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kellysue

    "I wonder if my landlord would notice if I changed the ENTIRE kitchen?!"

    5. between your monstrous urges to grab something from every oversize aisle basket.

    Christine Jackowski / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jaxphotography

    "Clearly I need this stuffed animal. Clearly."

    6. And let's not even start with the endless small treasures inside the Marketplace.

    Daniel Lee / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dlee13

    Must. Have. More. One. Dollar. Cups.

    7. Seriously.

    8. Apparently, some people "feel overwhelmed" when they shop there, but you know they are TOTALLY missing out.

    Ana C. / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: anitacanita

    "Proudly sitting on my haul."

    9. Heck, the displays alone are beautiful.

    Sonny Abesamis / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: enerva

    Watering cans or art?

    10. And you have your absolute favorite items that you'll never get rid of unless someone pries them from your cold, dead hands.

    11. Or your children's...

    12. ...or, fine, your pet's.

    13. Honestly, you have very lofty dreams for your Billy bookcase system.

    14. Actually, lofty dreams for every organization system.

    15. Sure, assembling products may require a glass of wine...or two.

    16. But you definitely get a high when you finish any project, big or small.

    17. You probably have an endless supply of eraser-less pencils in your junk drawer at home.

    18. You always celebrate the arrival of this year's new catalogue.

    19. You have a secret love affair with the ridiculous instructions and warnings for each item.

    A.Currell / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 23748404@N00

    "Good to know, Ikea, thanks."

    20. And this bad boy is tucked safely into its own easy-to-reach spot in your wallet.

    Kazuhiko Maeda / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: monoooki

    At the ready.

    21. Also, let's not forget about the food...

    22. ...which, BTW, you can smell from like a million miles away.

    23. You know all you need is basically a handful of change to enjoy these yummy treats.

    24. And obviously you take some home with you.

    25. Others might think this view is daunting, but to you it's basically a sanctuary.

    Alexander Rentsch / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: captain_die

    "Aisle 10, Bin 5, here I come."

    26. And this looks like a day well spent.

    AJ Davis / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ajdavis

    Mission: accomplished.

    27. Finally, when you do leave your Swedish palace, you think, Until we meet again.

    Don McCullough / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 69214385@N04


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