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16 Shitty Robots That Will Have You Laughing Until They Become Our Overlords

More like LOL-bots. H/T r/shittyrobots

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1. This theme park pirate that's a lot more creepy than it is scary.


2. This claw machine that has a death wish or two.

comptejete / Via

LOL at the claw piece falling off at the end, too.

3. This literal gravy boat that's both unnecessary and messy.

nbshar / Via

Um, cool?

4. This beer and snack robot that needs to take it down a level.

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5. This, er, hammering robot that just CAN'T.

CarnahanJoe / Via


6. This walking robot that...WHOOPS!

LaButeNeil / Via

Like stepping on a Lego.

7. This bread slicing robot that just DGAF.

Would still eat the bread, tho.

8. This nightmarish crawling baby robot.

Purdue Engineering / Via


9. This dancing-partner robot that, I don't know, kinda works?

Betty The Boogie Buddy / Via

Need to fix those noodle arms.

11. And this tissue-dispensing robot, too.

::sneezes once::

12. This helper robot that's the hottest mess of them all.

kittens_from_space / Via

Oop, oop, OOP!

13. This soup robot that has an evil agenda.


14. This robot who doesn't see cheating as a problem.

PMMEYourTatasGirl / Via


15. This missle-launching robot that....OMG!

That's one way to shit your pants.

16. And finally, this robot that's literally causing all kinds of shit problems.


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