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28 Places Cats Would Rather Sleep Than Your Lap


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1. Your perfectly sized bathroom sink.

2. Against the back of a small work chair.

3. Nestled tightly in your winter boots.

4. In THE perfect sun spot.

With their head rested on your shoes no less.

5. On top of the one item of clothing laid out on your bed.

6. Bundled contently on top of your gym bag.

7. Or underneath the tablecloth.

8. Splayed out on a cold, hardwood floor.

9. Way up top in one of their favorite cat trees.

10. Between some equally soft friends.

11. Anywhere your cell phone can make a perfect pillow.

12. Or your landline for that matter.

13. Between you and your computer.

14. On top of your homework.

15. Out on the hood of your car.

16. Or tucked in nicely with your potted plant.

17. Inside your freshly dried laundry.

18. And sometimes on top of it.

19. Not to mention, tucked deeply into your dirty laundry.

20. Inside a discarded box.

22. Cozily contained inside your glassware.

23. And occasionally on top of the ceramic ware.

24. On top of their food bowl, ready for the next meal.

25. Up high amongst your favorite reads.

26. And down low within the cabinets.

27. Nestled across the heater.

28. Dreaming of tunes inside your guitar case.

And once in a while, if you get really lucky, you might just find them right where you want them.

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