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May 2, 2017

Pickle Juice Soda Exists Now, So Let’s Just Call It A Day

It's kind of a big dill.

Hey, you know how there's been a recent SUPER sweet drink (*cough* Unicorn Frap *cough*) trend? Well, NOW there's a drink that exists on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and it will make you say, "OMG!?"



Cue the sound of hundreds of people gagging...or maybe screaming with joy?!

This QUESTIONABLE AF novelty soda is available at a small chain of candy stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio called Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop.

A rep for the store told, "Our stores offer a variety of pickle items such as pickle-flavored mints, pickle-flavored gum, yodeling pickles, and even pickle bandages [...] So pickle-flavored soda seemed like the logical next step."

So far, the reviews have been, well, what you might expect:

@TheNewPulseFM / Via Twitter: @TheNewPulseFM
@katelynvalli / Via Twitter: @katelynvalli

However, that CLEARLY has not stopped people from wanting to try it, either:

@hansenatalie / Via Twitter: @hansenatalie
@SkyeOnAir / Via Twitter: @SykeOnAir

And you can pick up your very own bottle of pickle juice soda for $9.99 (online) or $2.50 (in store).

  1. So, would YOU try pickle juice soda?

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So, would YOU try pickle juice soda?
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    NOPE, the idea alone makes me want to vomit!