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    Periods Straight-Up Suck And These 17 Hilarious People Know It

    Bloody hell, these are funny.

    It's no secret that periods are the worst. But sometimes it's helpful to commiserate with each other about the struggle and laugh about periods, ya know? So here's a bunch of really great jokes courtesy of the funny people of Twitter:

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    hate it when ppl make me laugh on my period like bitch stop u made me ink😭

    Twitter: @YCPBITCH


    why can’t i opt out of my period every month like my savage x subscription

    Twitter: @IvyKungu


    The greatest lie ever told is that anyone puts in a tampon this way

    Twitter: @JessicaValenti


    Twitter: @anxloveslove


    Twitter: @MsOxtail


    Well if you didn’t want to hear me talk about my period maybe you shouldn’t have made eye contact with me

    Twitter: @aligarchy


    Me on my period when I see a pen on my desk alone and isolated from the others in my pencil case

    Twitter: @santipx


    i survive my period cramps without pain killers are u scared of me now

    Twitter: @tahiyawho


    Every time I think I’m not doing well enough in life and I’m ugly with a disgusting body here comes my period..... like of course it was you I should have known

    Twitter: @lovedoveclarke


    I am wearing white pants and it’s the second day of my period you cannot name a person alive who is braver than I am

    Twitter: @holy_schnitt


    Twitter: @mosthatedshiall


    every month my period comes and every month i am shocked, in disarray, mislead, deceived, bamboozled

    Twitter: @khadijadania


    When I’m on my period and trying to get in a position that relieves the pain.

    Twitter: @iam_chyderah


    Him: Hi Me, on my period: I feel like you’re lying but ok

    Twitter: @momjeansplease


    Can tampon companies make quieter wrappers because my kids keep thinking I’m sneaking candy into the bathroom and I’d like for that to stop…

    Twitter: @darafaye


    Twitter: @romanrochelle

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