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15 Ways Being In A Perfect Relationship Ruins You For Life

Where do you want to go for dinner? You pick. Nah, you pick. No, you pick...

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1. Because picking a place to go to dinner becomes a never-ending task.

2. Because your Friday night out plans eventually turn into Friday night in plans.

3. ... And the same goes for Saturday night.

4. Because shopping now takes twice as long.

We look good.

5. Because your morning gym time quickly gets replaced with more cuddling in bed time.

Climbing into bed is way more fun than climbing stairs.

6. Because cooking now takes so much longer since there are two of you to feed.

7. Because you'll never have privacy in the bathroom again.

Shower conversations are a lot of fun tbh.

8. Because selfies will no longer be of, well, yourself.

9. Because you'll never be able to watch your favorite shows alone again.

You didn’t watch GoT without me yet, right?

10. Because you'll get way too used to being spoiled.

You read my mind... again.

11. Because you'll think wearing matching outfits seems cute instead of creepy.

12. Because you'll never have the sofa to yourself ever again.

This is way more cozy anyway.

13. Because you suddenly find yourself going to Ikea for fun, rather than necessity.

Picking out cabinetry for your dream kitchen is pretty much the ideal Sunday afternoon.

14. Because you'll receive delicious, calorie-filled apologies for even the littlest of mistakes.

Said between bites: "Apology accepted."

15. And because no matter what you do, you eventually realize you're stuck with your best friend for life.

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