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    17 People Who Have No Idea What They’re Doing

    Maybe don't do that.

    1. This dude who's actually washing his car in THE RAIN.

    bobbautogroup / Via

    I mean...TECHNICALLY, it works.

    2. The connoisseur behind this "lemon water" masterpiece.


    "Sure, I SEE the lemons, but I don't TASTE them."

    3. The sales clerk who just said "fuck it" while putting this display together.

    "You said, 'Put the shirt ON the mannequin,' right?"

    4. This guy who's about to discover how tedious shaving can really be.

    duncanmack27 / Via

    "If only there were an easier way to do this."

    5. This bar owner who maybe needs to go back to bartending school.

    toasterbat / Via

    This Cuba libre tastes weird.

    6. The person who installed these handrails and who is also probably planning on setting the building on fire.

    QuarckNL / Via

    Some people just want to see the world burn.

    7. This person who apparently has a deep desire for someone to electrocute themselves.

    Enigma6 / Via

    "Meh, works."

    8. This calendar maker who REALLY wanted a three-day weekend.

    iLikeNumbers / Via

    "Sunday is both the 24th AND 25th, right?"

    9. This lady who got more creative than she needed to.

    MacMansen / Via

    Or just close the window shade?

    10. This person who's going after the "laziest human in the world" award.

    bethwall6 / Via

    Fuck you.

    11. This chair maker who opted to not follow directions.

    LungBubbles / Via could still sit on it?

    12. Whoever the heck put this sofa together.

    Eg0rw1ld / Via

    Pottery Barn's new Picasso line?

    13. This sandwich artist who went just a touch too heavy on the bread.

    lifesnotperfect / Via

    Just a touch.

    14. This cyclist who made things so much harder for themselves than they needed to.

    dmworking / Via

    "I'm thinking of driving to work in the future. Locking my bike up is a real pain in the neck."

    15. The magazine delivery person who thought, Fuck it.

    pixelmunkie / Via

    50 magazines for $0? Done.

    16. The person who will immediately regret making this decision.

    beautifulpsyche / Via

    This is like an artistic "please come steal my stuff" sign.

    17. And finally, this person who doesn't QUITE have a grasp on acronyms.

    Starzajo / Via

    Not so SMART after all.

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