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    19 People Who Straight-Up Fucked Up


    1. This person who thought they could outsmart everyone else:

    Zanzibear / Via


    2. The person who put this huge TV on the mantel instead of the wall:

    FowelBallz / Via

    "Remember when I told you to hang it on the wall, honey?"

    3. The person who attempted to re-create this dreamy rice bear, but instead produced a straight-up nightmare:

    Bunchofcronenbergs / Via


    4. The person who asked lord-knows-who to make these door "locks":

    electricburger1 / Via

    Not a fire hazard AT ALL.

    5. The person who ordered wontons and got this instead:

    zobiwan12 / Via

    No, that's cool, I like my wontons like I like my soul: empty.

    6. This mom who should demand her money back from the groomer:

    My mom just RUINED my dog and she literally said "he wanted to keep it long on the top" I am devastated

    Still a good boy.

    7. This guy who, oh dear, celebrated too soon:

    Vivo / Via

    Painful. Just painful.

    8. The kid who received this nightmare of a doll:

    FowelBallz / Via


    9. The kid who asked for a toy car for Christmas and instead got:

    Xm2Master / Via

    Weird-lookin' car.

    10. The TV producer who asked their graphics department for a flashy background:

    jhawkgiant77 / Via


    11. This person who thought they were being a genius:

    Iamherefortehmemesandboobs / Via


    12. The person who asked their S.O. to heat up a pizza and got this literal hot mess instead:

    ISeeDeadPeopleEveryday / Via

    It's not delivery, it's di-Jesus-fucking-Christ?!

    13. And the person who asked for a slice and was left with this bullshit:

    linkdafourf / Via


    14. This guy who lost because of his dick. BECAUSE OF HIS DICK:


    15. The person who made this quiz...who should probably go back to school themselves:

    verycaroline / Via

    That's...not how that works?

    16. This person who probably needed a coffee before attempting to make coffee: / Via

    My coffee tastes...oat-y.

    17. This person who just wanted some green juice:

    Haganblount / Via

    OH, greaaaaaat.

    18. This guy who thought he'd be able to get more work done at home:

    kofh521 / Via

    Cute AF though.

    19. And finally, the person who commissioned this statue for a school: