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    17 People Who Accidentally Ruined Thanksgiving

    Burned turkeys are just the beginning.

    1. This person who takes "well done" to a new level:

    2. This baker who got a bad tip on how to make their rolls:

    3. The mastermind behind this turkey day tower of surprises:

    4. This artistic plater who kinda tried:

    5. This fire-starter who needs to grab the fire extinguisher,

    6. The folks who created this casserole from hell:

    7. This person whose mac ’n' cheese is now mac ’n' garbage:

    8. The master of this literal hot mess:

    9. Whoever in the hell made this sign:

    10. This unlucky soul whose meal looks absolutely smashing:

    11. The person who created this cornbread behemoth:

    12. The artiste responsible for this soul-sucking pie:

    13. This person who discovered a holiday box of lies:

    14. This person who clearly has something against dessert:

    15. The unfortunate souls who discovered this colorful turkey:

    16. This person who discovered a new meaning behind "hot potato":

    17. And finally, this person who's going to miss Thanksgiving altogether: