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    17 People Who Have No Idea How Microwaves Work

    Power Level 10...I guess?

    1. This master chef who actually got kind of lucky.

    Sarah J. / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: princessindisguise

    "Now lift the plate SLOWLY."

    2. This person who inadvertently created something out of a sci-fi movie.

    Via Twitter: @gregsearle

    Popcorn or burn monster? You decide.

    3. This poor soul who learned the hard way that you can't put eggs in a microwave...

    4. ...or chestnuts...

    5. ...or apparently pork shoulder?

    6. This person who likes their popcorn hot. Like, really hot.

    Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper Installation Management Command, U.S. Army / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: imcomkorea

    "Is something burn...oh."

    7. And this unlucky snacker whose popcorn betrayed them.

    Via Twitter: @jayv

    "How could you, Orville?!"

    8. This microwave un-master who discovered that even gadgets can't stop the power of exploding eggs.

    Bryan Bruchman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: subinev

    Sold on lies.

    9. And this person whose dinner plans were quickly squashed.

    ~Sage~ / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: vickispix


    10. This person who was able to make a mess happen AROUND the dish, and not ON it.

    Mackenzie Kosut / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mkosut

    Impressive. Most impressive.

    11. This re-heating expert who needs no further explanation as to their mistake.

    12. This person whose love of chocolate pudding "doth runneth over."

    13. This eager eater who probably flipped their lid just like their meal.

    Via Twitter: @missyj750

    The sauce looks kinda like a pretty forrest, no?

    14. This coffee-connoisseur who needs a lesson in reheating.

    15. This microwaving master who thought perhaps their microwave was a smoke machine.

    16. This absent-minded cook who actually forgot to put their food in the microwave.

    David Jones / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dgjones

    One of those days.

    17. And finally, the genius who created this hot mess.

    Purple Tao / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 75036977@N00

    "Don't try this at home kids."

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