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23 People Who Clearly Do Not Know How Things Work

"My sister's pregnant I can't wait to find out if I'm gonna be an aunt or uncle."

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1. This very excited aunt (or uncle) to be:

Congrats, but...

2. This not so 1st-rate sign-maker:

Kinda works?!

3. This amateur Babybel eater:

"Bit waxy for my taste."

4. This rainy-day walker:

Maybe it's broken?

5. This bank-goer who walked right into the drive-thru:

"Sir? Are you a car?"

6. This sign designer who took artistic license in the wrong direction:

"No smoking in ways that violate the laws of physics?"

7. And the station agents who think invisible walls contain smoke:

Cue the wind.

8. These commercial makers who apparently never use their own credit cards:

"But this LOOKS better!" "Does it?"

9. This graduating class that might need another year of school:


10. This mom-to-be who may have skipped biology class: #thatsnothowthatworks #triplets

At least she'll have a pleasant surprise when she figures it out.

11. This customer who decided to name his own price:

"That four looks more like a zero to me."

12. Whoever labeled this:

"Zeros mean less, right?"

13. Whoever the hell cut this pizza:

Come on, now.

14. This business owner who doesn't quite get the lingo:

"So, if you're taking the photos, then surely..."

15. And this guy who takes really great selfies:

"Look at us! I mean, ME?"

16. This "math is not my strong suit" state fair operator:

"Explain to me again how this works?"

17. These guys who want to sit on everything but the seat:

At least he took his shoes off?

18. This sign-maker who kinda tried:

Or really not at all.

19. This woman who is so about to cut her leg off:

Hope they have 911 on speed dial.

20. The person who filled these shakers:


21. Whoever thought this was appropriate:


22. This sign-maker who has a unique bathroom technique apparently:

Impressive or scary?

23. And finally, this very confused fortune:

"Oh...uh, OK?"

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