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Posted on Nov 30, 2015

17 Roommates Who Can't Wait To Move Out

Creepy clowns are never OK. OK?

1. This poor soul who woke up to a nightmare:


2. This note-leaver who's seen enough live nudes for one lifetime:

Via Twitter: @jbeltz20

"Is this a pube in my cereal?"

3. The roomie who made this hair-raising discovery:

Via Twitter: @befernee

:: Proceeds to dry-heave. ::

4. Which is only marginally better than the roommate who slid the shower curtain open to this:

@haoneee / Via

"Here lies my roommate, who died from a prank. My prank."

5. This roomie who moonlights as a food whisperer:

Via Twitter: @mstepanic

Sorry for your loss.

6. This person whose roommate has reached peak lazy:

Via Twitter: @danmaxfox


7. This roommate who'll have to wait a little longer before they can shower:

Via Twitter: @DanoFrnandez

"But it's like cute annoying, right?"

8. This note-leaver who clearly doesn't give a shit:

Left on an actual piece of toilet paper, no less.

9. This roomie who's way beyond social graces:

10. The roommate who went to brush their teeth and discovered this mess instead:

@roomie_probz / Via

Turning on the faucet was apparently one step too much.

11. The unlucky roomie who came home to this snack disaster:

@artzara82 / Via

"I live with savages."

12. This so-over-it roomie who had to get creative to keep their things safe:

@miller4562 / Via

"I'm like the Houdini of shared living space."

13. This fed-up person who's taking an adult approach to getting things done:

@bohemiancrapcity / Via

Probably won't help, tbh.

14. This roomie who went a step further and actually made a dirty dish flow chart:

@benjib2011 / Via

Just a few easy steps.

15. This guy, the moment he wakes up and discovers the "joy" of bored roommates:

@seandatte / Via

16. This person who won't let their roomies get clean until they clean up everything else:

@sydvicious253 / Via

Brilliantly awful.

17. And finally, this mocked roommate...

@kacfacee / Via

...who actually has the best roommate ever.

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