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People Are Freaking Out Over Patrick Stewart In Drag Compared To Kellyanne Conway

And well...

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Soooooo, about a year ago, Sir Patrick Stewart dressed in drag to help promote his show Blunt Talk.

Hilarious, beautiful, wonderful...just like him!
Twitter: @SirPatStew

Hilarious, beautiful, wonderful...just like him!

But, only recently, people have pointed out that they think Patrick Stewart in drag looks a lot like Kellyanne Conway.

And, well, here's what that looks like:

Twitter: @SirPatStew / EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ / Getty

The comparison is actually bringing joy to some people's lives...

...and others are joking that he's "cosplaying."

And if you do a Google reverse-image search for the image of Patrick Stewart in drag, Kellyanne Conway LITERALLY comes up.

WHAT is happening?
Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

WHAT is happening?

Naturally, people are also calling out to Saturday Night Live.

Because we've all enjoyed Melissa McCarthy's turn as White House press secretary Sean Spicer.


And can you IMAGINE what would happen if we had BOTH?


Your move, SNL.

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