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17 Old Couples Who Are So Pure It Will Make Your Heart Ache

*Dies alone* while reading this.

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1. This couple who really knows how to lend a helping hand.

2. This couple who's just laying out their love like NBD.

whats-that-shit / Via

3. This 98-year-old couple who recreated their romantic AF wedding photo 70 years.

AspergerMD / Via

4. And this couple who recreated their Pride photo 24 years later still looking picture-perfect.

5. This dynamic duo who's better at dancing than most of us will ever be.

If this isn't me and my future husband, I want a divorce already.

6. This couple who's a colorful ~match~ made in heaven.

7. This couple who shows us you can keep it 🔥 at any age.

luvbeingbre / Via

8. These old food-lovers who know how to keep it real.

9. These sweet ~swingin'~ seniors who are still kids at heart.

Instagram: @acurrator

10. This heart-warming team who could melt the coldest of hearts.

louisakiwi / Via

11. This pair of powerful lovers who prove working out together is better than alone.

Instagram: @rudeboy_rell7

12. This couple who didn't need anyone else but each other for this ride called "life."

steffyfullstyle / Via

13. These musically-inclined mates who are a perfect duet.

Instagram: @jazz

14. This couple who's clearly in it for the long haul.

kellydykstra / Via

15. These team players who've been making the rounds for decades.

16. These next-level jokesters who will always be together even when they're apart.

gurkamaal / Via

17. And, finally, this acting couple who will make you LOL for days.

i've shared this video over 5 times and i'm not apologizing

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