23 Things You Should Really Know About Your Boobs

    "Is this normal?!"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to send us questions about their boobs that they were too scared to ask.

    We then spoke with board-certified gynecologist Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a New York-based OB-GYN and co-author of The Complete A to Z for Your V (Fair Winds Press, 2017), to get her expert responses on these questions.

    *Disclaimer: Age, family history, and other factors are important for any care provider to know in order to give a full and proper diagnosis. And answers to questions may vary depending on your own individual backgrounds. If you have a sudden change with your breasts or other concerns, please see your care provider for a full diagnosis.

    1. Does sleeping braless and on one side cause the boob toward the ceiling to stretch and become larger than the other? —shcm

    2. Can you breastfeed after a breast reduction? —laralong

    3. Does anyone else have flat nipples that only stick out (a very little bit) when hit directly by chilly contact or ~stimulated~? Is this something I should be worried about? —rajahstarr

    4. Is it normal to find black hairs growing on my breasts? They didn't start showing up until I hit my twenties. —ambelina

    5. Is it okay for boobs to sag on the sides? —zbeckfashion

    6. Is there a way to make my breasts more perky and less saggy that doesn't require surgery? —ambelina

    7. Why do my boobs grow small painful balls that disappear on their own? —allien428975051

    8. Is it normal for areolae to get bumps on them? One of the bumps I have has a little bit of ~pus~ that comes out every once in a while. —tawncat

    9. Is it normal to have inverted nipples? —kdels

    10. Can you breastfeed even if you have very small boobs? —megjohns

    11. Will my breasts ever go back to normal after I stop breastfeeding or will they always look saggy and deflated? —viciousxvenom

    12. I get weird, deep, blackheads on my boobs that I don't get anywhere else. Is that normal or am I just gross? —carolineb433a87096

    13. Around my areola, it looks like there are a bunch of little holes (they kind of look like deep hair follicles). Is this normal? —megahnlee1

    14. How common is it to have a lump that's is/isn't cancer? I know there are different types and only a few are cancerous, plus the chances of having cancer when you are young are low. But how much should you really worry? —laralong

    15. Is it common to have larger areolae? It took me some time to finally become comfortable with my breasts and accept the way they look. —karlah46d8f3087

    16. I have one D cup and one DD cup. Is a size difference that large normal? It's next to impossible to find bras that fit. —bryarsmommy13

    17. Is it normal for your breasts to hurt when you're not about to have your period? —thegeniuswizard

    18. What are the qualifications to get a breast reduction? I have a very small frame but I'm a 38G. —ams5309

    19. Is dark nipple discharge ever normal? —m47d1ada1b

    20. My boobs hurt all the time. Is this normal? —bp6715

    21. When giving yourself a breast exam, how can you tell which bumps and lumps are normal and which ones are cause for concern? —paigek41ff1206c

    22. Is there anything you can do to increase nipple sensitivity in a good way? —rachelsporyh

    23. Is it okay if one of the nipples is bigger than the other? —m41d3c3bb9

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