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    16 Fake-Looking But Totally Real Images Courtesy Of Nature

    Nature: Look!, Me: OK, but HOW?!

    1. This sculpture covered in frost that looks just like a really good pencil drawing.

    A sculpture of a man holding a woman, sitting on a bench dusted in frost that gives it coloring to look like a pencil drawing

    2. This cracked egg that is...just so strange?!

    An egg that is missing half the shell, but has a clear yolk that hasn't broken yet

    3. This row of tomatoes that belong on a museum wall.

    A row of tomatoes growing in different stages from small and green to large and red all on the same vine

    4. And this gradient pepper, too.

    A pepper that has multiple colors from green to red

    5. This perfectly circular rock that is both satisfying and strange to look at.

    A hand holding a very flat, perfectly round rock

    6. This rock formation that has a perfectly straight crack (or split, or IDK what?!)...

    A very large rock formation that is split perfectly down the middle, in a straight line only a few inches wide

    7. ...and this rock that's been "divided" by a perfect quartz line.

    A rock with a perfectly straight line of quartz going through the middle of it

    8. And this actual sheet of snow that looks more like material.

    A car with a sheet of snow falling off the hood that makes it look like a blanket

    9. This shadow that lines up perfectly in the sidewalk's crack.

    A sidewalk half-covered in shade, forming a perfect line down the middle that lines up with the sidewalk's crack

    10. This squared-off section of clouds that looks like a sheet of cotton or something.

    A perfectly square-shaped area of clouds seen from above, from a plane window

    11. These square roots that are the ~square root~ of WTF?

    The roots of a small bush growing at right angles over cracks on the square pavers next to it

    12. This lemon...or lime? Or something else?

    A fruit that look slike a lemon, but it is half yellow and half green, the colors meeting in the middle, forming a perfect straight line

    13. This Frozen-worthy perfect snowflake.

    A perfectly symmetrical snowflake that has 6 arms and forms pretty, angular shapes

    14. This perfect circle...formed by a bit of dead grass.

    A dried bit of grass on clean dessert sand that has been blown around in a circle, drawing a perfectly set of circles in the sand

    15. These flowers' petals that belong on the cover of a geometry book.

    Pretty pink flowers that have perfect petals with no marks, that form totally symmaterical shapes

    16. And finally, the center of this pepper...that's just happy to see you.

    A green bell pepper that has been cut in half, but on the inside of the core there is a smiley face shape from the natural veining of the pepper

    H/T: r/oddlysatisfying and r/mildlyinteresting.