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Millie Bobby Brown Just Opened Up About Her Exhaustion In The Most Mature Way

Living in the Upside Down ain't easy!

This is Millie Bobby Brown — aka gift from the Netflix gods, Eleven in Stranger Things.

If you're any kind of fan of the show then you know she's KIND OF the best both on screen...

...and off.

But you don't get to be the best without working hard, right?

Well, Millie has been crazy busy lately filming Season 2 of Stranger Things (October can't get here soon enough!!!) and also just being a superstar IRL.

Here she is taking a quick ~nap~ in between signings at a convention.

And while Millie always loves meeting her fans IRL, she sadly had to cancel a recent appearance at Collective Con in Florida. The talented 13-year-old shared this very mature video explaining why:

OBVIOUSLY Millie's fans were nothing but supportive, responding to her post with thousands of kind messages...

...including Collective Con itself:

Sending you love and (if we could) LOTS of Eggos, Millie!!!