14 Houseplants For People With No Green Thumb

    You have a frond in me.

    1. Spider Plant

    2. Philodendron

    3. Boston Fern

    4. Jade Plant

    5. Snake Plant

    6. Bromeliad

    7. Sweetheart Hoya

    This houseplant is popular because of the pretty blooms and nice fragrance it can produce. It doesn’t require much sun and because of the large, succulent leaves you don’t need to water it that often. The blooms aren’t guaranteed, but can be coaxed with the right amount of sunlight. But don't worry, if you can't get the blooms to come, you'll still fall in love with the heart-shaped leaves.

    Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASPCA says yes.

    8. Dracaena

    9. Kalanchoe

    10. Pothos

    11. Echeveria

    12. Aloe

    13. English Ivy

    14. Shamrock Plant

    Happy planting!

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