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19 Kitchen Disasters That Will Actually Impress You

Everyone needs goals.

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1. This near miss that could've ended A LOT worse.

*Wipes brow.*

2. This heartfelt smashed egg.

So much love in a little shell.

3. And this eggplosion art too.

Pretty ovum.

4. This terrible typo that still looks beautiful.

Would definitely still eat that, and that's the important part.

5. Whatever this accidental Rorschach is.

Two people kissing?

6. This pizza that's perfect for crust lovers only.

Didn't want that middle part anyway.

7. This neon nightmare that churned out a whale silhouette.

Can you see it? In the middle?

8. This can-tastrophe that still got the job done.

"What happens when your crappy can opener breaks and you're mid-recipe."

9. This lil' fiasco that actually broke at just the right height.

No spillage? Win.

10. This baking behemoth that spilled out pretty evenly, TBH.

Now it's just a cake with some paper surprises!

11. This dyed disaster that actually turned out like something you'd see on Etsy.

Just say it was intentional.

12. This casserole catastrophe that kept it all together.

For the most part, anyway.

13. This soupy monstrosity that somehow managed to NOT flip over the pot.

Yeaaahhh, don't think that's going to work.

14. This boxed oddity that seems to defy gravity.


15. This impressively burnt pie that looks like something out of Mordor.

Peter Jackson will be calling you soon.

16. This super-thin slice that's unintentionally impressive.

Fruit pancake anyone?

17. This baker's blowup that at least coated him evenly.

Also, where's his shirt?

18. This microwaved mistake that turned oatmeal into a rice cake.


19. And this perfectly burned pattern that's straight out of True Detective.

"Time is a flat circle..."

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