14 Delicious Ways To Improve Your Life With Kimchi

    Variety is the spice of life.

    1. Use it as a probiotic.

    2. Give your immune system a boost.

    3. Lend a helping hand to your cholesterol and metabolism levels.

    4. Breathe a little better.

    5. Expand your spicy palette in a major way.

    6. Give your fried rice a funky new level of flavor.

    7. Discover a new definition for "pancake."

    8. Blend the best of two worlds with tasty fusion food, like kimchi tacos.

    9. Or kimchi french fries.

    10. Or kimchi pizza.

    11. Take a break from boring ol' chicken or beef ramen.

    12. Upgrade your pantry with unique snack options.

    13. Learn a new skill: pickling.

    14. Make far fewer trips to the grocery store.

    Kimchi: improving lives for the last 2,000 years.