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18 Quirks People With Asian Immigrant Parents Will Understand

Just smile and nod.

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1. Having an entirely separate refrigerator in the house for "smelly" food.

There are entire companies dedicated to "second" refrigerators.

2. Favoring chopsticks over every other cooking utensil.

Columbia / Via

You'd be surprised how versatile they are.

3. Making you eat several more servings of food than humanly possible.

Screen Gems / Via

God forbid your mother think you don't like her cooking.

4. Having everyone remove their shoes at the front of the house.

To be fair, the floors were always clean.

5. Which in turn explains why they had so many house slippers.

No one likes cold feet.

6. Keeping the temperature at home near freezing.

Because they'd rather put on a jacket than see their heating bill go up.

7. Not knowing what an "inside voice" was and talking really, really loudly in public.

BBC / Via

No one likes to hear someone else's conversation in any language.

8. Reminding you (and your friends) not to call them by their first names.


A "Mr." or "Mrs." is most definitely in order. Always.

9. Speaking their native language when guests were around.

ABC / Via

Having a private conversation in plain sight is very useful.

10. Constantly telling you how hard they had it growing up.


"When I was your age, we had to climb a ladder/walk through snow/basically die in order to get to school."

11. Folding their thumb in to count "one" on their hands.

kruwt / Thinkstock
kruwt / Thinkstock

Just the way it is.

12. Adding soy sauce to the most unexpected dishes.


Did you know soy sauce tastes great on eggs?

13. How they mispronounce your American friends' names time and time again.


Nope. Susan.

14. Basically forbidding you to move in with your S.O. before marriage.

Warner Brothers / Via

"I mean... we can't STOP you..."

15. How they thought the world was ending when you brought home anything less than an "A."

HBO / Via

Because clearly you're going to end up homeless if you don't make the honor roll.

16. Not knowing the names of all your aunts and uncles.

1) They live on the other side of the planet. 2) There are at least a dozen of them.

17. And even worse, the names of all your cousins.

"I think he's like my second cousin once removed?"

18. Stocking the freezer like doomsday preppers when they visited your place.

Because obviously you can't cook. Not like mom can anyway.

But the one thing you never had to learn to live with...

Knowing how much they love you.

Fox / Via

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