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17 Images That Will Make You Say, "I Legitimately Had No Idea"

*Bookmarks for a party later*

1. Did you know that if you push the lock button on your iPhone five times, an emergency SOS button will appear?

firebarserryday / Via Instagram: @firebarserryday, Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Note: You need to have your software updated to iOS 11 for this feature to work.

2. Or how about the fact that the glob of toothpaste on your toothbrush is called a "nurdle."

In case anyone was curious...that little wave of toothpaste that sits atop your toothbrush has a's called…

In fact, two popular toothpaste brands once went to court over who had the right to use it on their packaging!

3. Did you know that Froot Loops are all the same flavor?

Sorry to break it to your childhood self.

4. And did you know Betty White is actually older than sliced bread?

5. Did you know that owls don't have eyeballs, but more like eye "tubes"?

kevinring / Via Instagram: @kevinring

6. Did you know there's such thing as a white eggplant...and it looks JUST LIKE EGGS?

And it's possible this resemblance is where the name comes from (though the historical background of the eggplant name is not 100% clear).

7. Did you know those 19 Crimes wine bottles will actually ANIMATE if you use an app?

8. How about this genius trick?

chappelle_andreadii / Via Instagram: @chappelle_andreadii

9. Did you know that Mountain Dew is mostly just orange juice?

PepsiCo / Via

Water + sugar + concentrated orange juice = orange juice, y'all.

10. Did you know (or remember) that this is what the YouTube app used to look like on iPhones?

ravenbuzzgags / Via Instagram: @ravenbuzzgags

In fact, it used to be a default app when the phone first came out 10 years ago.

11. And how cool is it that the little switch on the flashlight app actually switches UP when you use it?

lpdesigns2k13 / Via

12. Or that spaghetti fits perfectly in a 1-gallon storage bag?

(I tried this with ziplock bags and it works with those, too!)

13. Did you know teeth can actually grow on the roof of your mouth?

joleewee / Via Instagram: @joleewee

This is actually referred to as supernumerary teeth and is easily treatable.

14. Did you know black panthers are not their own species of cat?

rickcole_jr / Via Instagram: @rickcole_jr

According to National Geographic, "It's an umbrella term that refers to any big cat with a black coat."

15. Did you know that Sony Vaio's logo is a clever mashup of old tech and new tech?

#Logo #Design #Inspiration Sony VAIO At first you just see the word VAIO, but look a little closer and you'll see t…

It looks like an analog wavelength (the V and A) combined with a digital binary code (the I and O).

16. Did this ever occur to you (and then mess with you, LOL)?

icarrollporter / Via Instagram: @icarrollporter

17. And finally, we bet you didn't know this about Scotland and unicorns:

pottergeek4life / Via Instagram: @pottergeek4life

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