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17 Things Only Women Who Aren't That Into Makeup Will Understand

You can't make this stuff up!

1. People often describe you as "low-maintenance," but the truth is you're just lazy.

2. You'd rather have an extra 45 minutes of sleep than have to wake up early JUST to make up your face.

3. And you'd rather be comfortably out the door on time instead of scrambling to finish painting your face.

4. You actually feel pretty freakin' great without makeup.

5. Even if you occasionally think you don't look "your best" without makeup you still think, "Who gives a fuck?!"

6. You can totally appreciate other people’s makeup skills...

7. …but you have other priorities in life, TBH.

8. You know the money you save by NOT buying makeup products will come in handy elsewhere.

9. And, personally, you have no idea HOW other people put on a full face of makeup EVERY DAMN DAY.

10. You actually get super grossed out when you see lipstick, which obviously isn't yours, on glassware.

11. You avoid makeup stores like the plague because you KNOW they're always crazy busy.

12. When people find out you don't like to wear makeup, they often appear shocked...

13. ...and sometimes even jealous because they were "seriously convinced you had mascara on."

14. You actually don't really mind getting made-up from time to time.

15. Although sometimes it doesn't quite turn out how you imagined.

16. And then you remember what a pain it is to take off all that makeup when, you know, YOU JUST WANT TO GO TO BED!

17. So you say, "Welp, it's been nice makeup, see you at the next special a year...or never."