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    Posted on Feb 16, 2016

    17 Reasons Shopping With Your Mom Is The Worst

    Fingers crossed you don't bump into anyone you know.

    1. How hard it is to get through a shopping trip uninterrupted:

    TheRandomPoster / Via

    2. Your fear of touching ANYTHING, because you know your mom will secretly buy it for you later even though YOU DON'T WANT IT:


    3. When she runs back to get "one more thing" and you're left stranded at the front of a checkout line with a row of people behind you:

    Lionsgate / Via

    4. When you've got it all under control, but your mom just ~has~ to step in and over complicate things: allrelatable_

    5. How you feel when she takes you to the fifth store that afternoon:

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    6. When your mom spots someone you know from school at the store:


    7. When she wants you to try on something you absolutely would never pick out in a million years:

    wwdd41 / Via

    8. Meanwhile, feeling like she constantly disapproves of your taste:

    9. And wondering how she got so good at getting under your skin:

    10. When you want to check something out that's totally out of your budget:

    11. All you can think / see when she asks for your opinion about an outfit she's trying on:


    12. Having to find random ways to keep yourself entertained when she takes you to the pharmacy:

    Waadap / Via

    13. Trying to sneak something past your mom:

    14. And how your mom basically reacts when you wanna buy junk food:

    Geico / DragonsCanBeBeaten / Via

    15. The moment when you suspect you may just be there to carry stuff:

    Frederator Studios / Via

    16. Knowing there's only one reason why you agreed to go shopping with your mom in the first place:

    17. And finally, when she drags you out to go shopping again the very next day:

    National Geographic Films / Via

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