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    11 Superheroes If They Had Normal Jobs

    Because everyone needs a solid back up plan.

    Rorschach, babysitter.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / zuzulicea / Thinkstock

    That inkblot mask will frighten the hearts of men and also warm the hearts of babies.

    Jean Grey, high school counselor.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / trekandshoot / Thinkstock

    Because Jean likes a challenge and we know teen minds are the hardest to read.

    Batman, Skymall Catalogue inventor.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / monkeybusinessimages / Thinkstock

    Somewhere Lucius Fox is having a private giggle and thinking: "Oh, Mr. Wayne."

    Wonder Woman, CEO of the Girl Scouts of America.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Paul Morigi / Stringer / Getty

    Sash, bangles, belt, and crown are the new business casual.

    Catwoman, Tiffany's salesperson.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Spencer Platt / Getty

    Happy as a pig in poop, or in this case, a cat burglar in, well, a jewelry store.

    Thor, food critic.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Dorling Kindersley / Thinkstock

    You'll know he likes your dish when he smashes it on the ground.

    Black Widow, hypnotherapist.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / alexsokolov / Thinkstock

    Hypnotherapy makes interrogation so, so much easier.

    Wolverine, gardener.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / flowersandclassicalmusic / Thinkstock

    Face-off with Edward Scissorhands? Aggro vs. emo.

    Spider-Man, graffiti artist.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Agnes Csomos / Thinkstock

    Shitting on Oscorp buildings exclusively.

    The Thing, rabbi.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Buccina Studios / Thinkstock

    Fun Fact: One of the few Jewish superheroes.

    And Finally, the all-American superhero with an all-American job...

    Superman, building demolisher.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / LukeSchmidt / Thinkstock

    No extra crew needed. Pass the savings on to you, my friend.