18 Husbands Who Are So Silly It’s Actually Endearing

Warning: You may experience intense feelings of nausea from all the cuteness.

1. This husband who only gifts the good stuff…seriously.

maebaetautuaa / Via instagram.com

Perfect night in, TBH.

2. This husband and his sassy response to a hint.

jessamarlow16 / Via instagram.com


3. This husband whose wife was sick of his toothbrush touching hers, so naturally he did ~something~ about it.

knlamansky / Via instagram.com


4. This husband who took the time to pick out all the yellow Sour Patch Kids because he knows they’re his wife’s fav.

robin_renee299 / Via instagram.com

::whispers:: “Feel free to do this for me with the reds.”

5. This husband and his not-so-secret secret hiding place.

adamrf5 / Via instagram.com

“Okay, FINE.”

6. This husband who was told to get a “cute fall cake” at the store and came back with this.

sarahbethnassif / Via instagram.com

I mean, it IS cute.

7. This husband and his ~unique~ solution.

mikelovesconnie / Via instagram.com

Yuck, tho.

8. This husband who found another good (?) use for a nursing pillow.

jenerek / Via instagram.com

9. This husband who has a ~special~ way of making the bed.

tinkabum / Via instagram.com

10. This husband who got ~creative~ while air-drying his spouse’s delicates.

lesleyshires / Via instagram.com


11. And this husband who got creative while organizing the kid’s stuff.

chreestagusta / Via instagram.com

Funny, yet creepy.

12. The husband who literally FedExed a sweet message just ‘cause.

icepickannie / Via instagram.com

But was it priority overnight?!

13. This husband who takes notes from his spouse just a touch too literally.

slimminglondon / Via instagram.com

It’s okay (still works).

14. This husband who just wanted to incorporate his stuff into his spouse’s daily routine.

calamity_castro / Via instagram.com

“I am Groot.”

15. This husband who knows how to take a ~great~ selfie with his wife.

sarah_sparkles33 / Via instagram.com

“What I get when I ask my husband to take a cute picture of us masking together 🙄 .”

16. This husband who’s basically a superhero.

aaliciaalexander / Via instagram.com

17. This woman’s husband who found her long-lost favorite childhood stuffed animal after an eternity.

“This is Clumsy. Unfortunately, I lost him somewhere around middle/high school. But thanks to the power of Google and eBay, Clumsy is back in my arms today! #husbandwin”

18. And finally, the husband who made this way-too-effing-cute breakfast.

justyna.t / Via instagram.com


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