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    Fabrizio From "Titanic" Is A Total Silver Fox Now And It'll Make You Say, "Jack, Who?"

    Eat your heart of the ocean out.

    We all know the ~stars~ of Titanic are Jack "make it count" Dawson and Rose "I'm flying!" DeWitt Bukater.

    But let's take a much-needed-moment to appreciate Jack's BFF Fabrizio.

    Because, to be frank, he was adorable AF.

    And guess what? Twenty years later, the actor who played Fabrizio, Danny Nucci, has aged like a fine wine and is now a total silver fox.

    A side-by-side for funsies.

    Since his days running around with Leonardo DiCaprio, Nucci has had a steady career acting in other films and TV shows like NCIS, Castle, and, most recently, The Fosters — where he plays police officer Mike Foster.

    In fact, Nucci made his directorial debut earlier this year with The Fosters episode, "Exterminate Her."

    And, according to the other actors on the show, his direction came very "naturally."

    From (bff of the) king of the world... silver-headed king of our hearts!