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17 Times Twitter Was Legitimately The Funniest Place To Be In 2017

"Want to feel old? This is what Ross and Rachel from Friends look like now."

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1. This fair warning:

This will only lead to all kinds of other chicken.

2. This reality about dating:

3. Seriously:

My roommate went on a bumble date and was nervous so decided to pound shots in her car once she got to the place th…

4. This perfect Star Wars-Queen mashup:

left: I’m just a porg boy nobody loves me Right: HE’S JUST A PORG BOY FROM A PORG FAMILY SPARE HIM HIS LIFE FROM T…

5. This answer to our problems:

I had no idea you could buy this, I've been just using alcohol

6. This scream-worthy pun:

“Look man idk what’s wrong, last week it was running purrrrrrrfectly” “You thing what I do for a living is a fucki…

7. This perfect rhyme with Khia's iconic hit:

8. This LOL-worthy comparison:

Want to feel old? This is what Ross and Rachel from Friends look like now

9. This ode to Shania:

10. This joke that wrote itself:

When your straight friend Jean makes a funny joke

11. This perfect photo:

I like this picture of the queen's corgis because it looks like this is only the beginning and there's in fact a pl…

12. This million-dollar idea:

IDEA: Shazam, but for weird bits of plastic that have probably fallen off something important and you don't know wh…


My cousin’s grandma Grand Maggie recently told my aunt “I think there’s an opossum in our owl house” and Aunt Molly…

14. This honest question:

15. This relatable label:

When you're struggling to reach the word count whilst writing an essay

16. This IRL Clippy:

Sometimes when I don't know what to do I'll get this out my pocket & pretend it knows the answer.

17. And finally, this sad but I-can-totally-see-it joke:

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