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    19 Guys Who Clearly Got Dragged To The Store

    "I'll just sit here."

    1. This man who's really, really interested in that thrift store sofa.

    2. This guy who's literally couch surfing.

    3. This person who got a little ~creative~ at the store.

    4. This husband who got conveniently "lost" at Babies "R" Us.

    5. This guy who's like, "Yes. I love it."

    6. This guy who's maximizing his time with a quick nap.

    7. This person who was left alone a little too long in Target.

    8. This boyfriend who, at least, found some form of entertainment.

    9. And this one who just entertained himself.

    10. This guy who can't even bother to hold his phone.

    11. This person who's really not happy about being there.

    12. This dude who's gonna "watch the stuff" for a minute.

    13. This husband who doubles as a personal shopper.

    14. This guy who's reached his limit.

    15. This person who's become a smoothie holder.

    16. This guy who didn't even bother to leave the car.

    17. This dude who's using his downtime to take selfies.

    18. This guy who found a prime waiting spot.

    19. And finally, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of these guys sitting on "the bench."