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    19 Guys Who Clearly Got Dragged To The Store

    "I'll just sit here."

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    1. This man who's really, really interested in that thrift store sofa.

    jaredsouney / Via

    2. This guy who's literally couch surfing.

    kemler215 / Via

    3. This person who got a little ~creative~ at the store.

    anonymous / Via

    4. This husband who got conveniently "lost" at Babies "R" Us.

    ashley_spashley / Via

    5. This guy who's like, "Yes. I love it."

    cmbe1 / Via

    6. This guy who's maximizing his time with a quick nap.

    ElFercho / Via

    7. This person who was left alone a little too long in Target.

    tavenger5 / Via

    8. This boyfriend who, at least, found some form of entertainment.

    Dehu / Via

    9. And this one who just entertained himself.

    chadwillhoward / Via

    10. This guy who can't even bother to hold his phone.

    the_vart_of_fashion / Via

    11. This person who's really not happy about being there.

    christie_spiteri / Via

    12. This dude who's gonna "watch the stuff" for a minute.

    ElFercho / Via

    13. This husband who doubles as a personal shopper.

    reylek / Via

    14. This guy who's reached his limit.

    bobbyehope / Via

    15. This person who's become a smoothie holder.

    halodregs / Via Instagram: @halodregs

    16. This guy who didn't even bother to leave the car.

    guesthouseguide / Via

    17. This dude who's using his downtime to take selfies.

    vktrklm / Via

    18. This guy who found a prime waiting spot.

    thegaudyglitter / Via

    19. And finally, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of these guys sitting on "the bench."

    anniversumi / Via

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