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"Westworld" Star Gustaf Skarsgård Is Bill And Alexander's Brother, FYI

Gustaf Skarsgård is here to change your narrative.

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If you're a Westworld fan, I'm just going to go ahead and assume you've already watched last night's premiere. And — even if you haven't — it's okay, because I promise there are no major plot spoilers here.


Although, FAIR WARNING, if you're the kind of person who wants to know absolutely nothing about a show before watching it, then just bookmark this for later. Okay? Okay, great. Let's carry on.


His brothers are Alexander and Bill — best known perhaps as Eric from True Blood and Pennywise from It, respectively.

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There are actually THREE more Skarsgård kids running around, too, Sam, Eija, and Valter. And, of course, their famous father Stellan.

Some facts about Gustaf (because who DOESN'T want to know everything about another hot Skarsgård brother?!):


And played sadistic high school student Otto Silverheim in the Oscar-nominated film Evil.

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The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 76th Academy Awards — for context, this was the year The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won Best Picture.

He acted alongside his father Stellan again in the biggest Swedish production ever, Arn: The Knight Templar in 2007.


In fact, it turns out, his Westworld audition went terribly.


He explained to Fox News, "It was a long monologue that I had limited time to prepare for. So, I messed up a few times. I walked out calling my managers and going, 'No, I blew this.' They called like two months later and told me I got it. It was a pleasant surprise."

And finally, he's admitted that there's a bit of a rivalry between him and his brothers.

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Skarsgård told ET, “Of course there can be jealousy and insecurities and whatnot, because that’s inherent in this profession as it is. And then if you have that close to you, within your own family, if your brother is doing great when you are not, that’s a reminder of that.”