"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" Is Finally Coming Out, And Here Are 16 Reasons You Should See It

    Baby Stay Puft supremacy!

    FYI, the highly anticipated Ghostbusters: Afterlife is FINALLY* hitting the big screen Nov. 19 (this Friday!). And the newest addition to the iconic franchise serves as a sequel to the original 1984 film (and, technically, 1989's Ghostbusters II **), and it will hit you RIGHT in the feels if you're a fan.

    Paul Rudd looking intense — and young

    FWIW, the whole thing feels like a love letter to costar–co-creator Harold Ramis (who died in 2014), and while I admit this film is not ~perfect~, I still really loved it — truly, 10/10 would recommend. It's a fun ride that ties back to a lot of story elements from the original film, and there are also some genuinely emotional twists!

    So here are 16 reasons why you should check it out:

    PS: There are no MAJOR spoilers ahead, but if you want to go into the movie totally knowing nothing (like, literally without even watching trailers), just save this for later!

    1. This movie is actually a sequel (unlike the 2016 reboot film, which IMO wasn't bad in and of itself, but just didn't fill that void for me).

    Logan Kim, Mckenna Grace playing with a proton pack

    2. The opening sequence feels STRAIGHT out of the '80s movies of our childhoods (if you're ~old~ like me, anyway), and in a good way.

    The Ecto-1 chasing Muncher

    3. I know you'll be curious, so I will tell you that there are cameos from some of the OG cast members...including Annie Potts, aka Janine Melnitz!

    Annie Potts as Janine, standing in an old home with red framed glasses, smiling

    4. And there are several iconic ghosts/demons/evil spirits that return from the original film, like Gozer the Gozerian...

    Gozer with her high-cut crew cut hairdo, climbing up out of a pit in a temple

    5. ...the Terror Dogs...

    An evil doglike demon with giant horns, red eyes, and a flaming body

    6. ...and, YES, even the Stay Puft marshmallow man. Or, in this case, little baby Stay Pufts.

    A tiny Stay Puft marshmallow man bursting out of a mini package of marshmallows

    7. And, for the record, the baby Stay Pufts KINDA steal the show.

    Tiny Stay Puft marshmallow men, making smores out of their own bodies

    8. Speaking of the ghouls, the filmmakers actually used practical effects where they could — in particular with the Terror Dogs — and I LOVE that.

    A terror dog with red evil eyes, long horns, and growling

    9. Seeing the Ecto-1 and other iconic ghostbusting tools back in action is just SO great.

    Ecto-1 driving through a field of grass in the middle of nowhere

    10. The casting? It's A+. Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace don't need praise from me, because, let's be real, we all know how great these young actors are.

    The kids standing in front of the Ecto-1 in the middle of nowhere looking up at something

    11. BTW, speaking of rising stars, if you loved Reservation Dogs as much as I did, keep your eye out for a super-brief appearance by Paulina Alexis (aka Willie in Reservation Dogs) in one of the scenes.

    Gary Farmer, D'Pharoah Woon-A-Tai, Paulina Alexis, Devery Jacobs in Reservation Dogs

    12. It's not just about the young actors, either. The adults are awesome, too. Frankly, I'll watch Carrie Coon in anything.

    Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon walking into a school talking to each other in the movie

    13. Paul. Rudd.

    Paul Rudd looking intense with a beard

    14. Also, Olivia Wilde and J.K. Simmons have some pretty hilarious/wild parts in the movie...which go totally uncredited.

    15. I won't give anything big away about the ending, but I will say this: I legitimately cried.

    Phoebe and Callie looking back over the shoulders in a storm, and some strangers holding up proton packs

    16. And finally, you should sit through the credits because they're VERY intriguing and left me with QUESTIONS.

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife hits theaters THIS FRIDAY, Nov. 19, and in case you need another tease, here's the final trailer:

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