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    17 Genius Food Combinations That Sound Gross On Paper But Aren't In Real Life

    Forget stuffed crust, give me all crust.

    1. This human living in the year 3,000 who put their chili cheese dog INSIDE GARLIC BREAD:

    2. This genius who made a butter/cinnamon/sugar burrito in the microwave:

    3. The master chef who made this pizza out of pizza crust with pizza as the crust:

    4. This hero who dipped Cheetos Puffs in nacho cheese:

    5. This brilliant person who embedded Kit Kats into their brownies:

    6. This smartie who made a French bread spaghetti pocket:

    7. This innovative Hawaiian pizza–loving snacker:

    8. This brainiac who made a bagel cream cheese sandwich with crushed Doritos:

    9. This genius mixing their popcorn and marshmallows together:

    10. This smart snacker who made a chicken nugget sub...

    11. ...and this genius who put chicken nuggets on a pizza:

    12. This genius who coated their veggies with Cheetos powder:

    13. This lover of both pizza AND nachos:

    14. This strawberry/sour cream/brown sugar lover:

    15. This brilliant person who made a potato chip sandwich:

    16. This creative individual who waffled a stale hot dog bun and made a panini with ham, Havarti cheese, and pre-cooked bacon.

    17. And finally, this genius who Frankensteined this Chick-fil-A/In-N-Out monstrosity: