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    Maybe It's An Unpopular Opinion, But People Loved "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 5

    "Honestly, you people can't be pleased."

    Before we get going here, fair warning: This post contains spoilers. So stop here if you haven't watched Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5 yet!


    Just bookmark this for later.

    For everyone else who survived "The Bells," let's talk. Because A LOT of people have A LOT of feelings.


    Despite the "popular" opinion that the episode was NOT good — see thoughts on Dany turning into the Mad Queen and general disappointment here — there were actually a lot of people who loved the episode.

    Some people fell in love with the cinematography.

    One of my favorite shots from Sunday's #GameofThrones

    I mean...

    ...I get it.

    these shots of Arya MADE the episode nothing else matters

    They have a very good point.

    Honestly, you people can't be pleased. There's no way you're telling me you don't want to see this through. This shot alone speaks volumes. #GameofThrones

    This shot really was pure fire, TBH.

    While other people were VERY MUCH HERE for Dany going full Mad Queen.

    Tbh I’m 100% team Mad Queen. Burn them all sis. #GameOfThrones

    Like, they weren't mad at all.

    I liked what Dany did, I didn’t care about those randos, I would’ve done the same, should I be tweeting this


    Light them up, Dany! Do it for Missandei! Yassss Queen 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #GameofThrones #ThronesYall

    And they also made some fair points.

    #GameofThrones fans: "Dany would never do that, they ruined her!" Dany:


    My feed: OMG, GoT writers are trash. Daenerys would NEVER do that. Daenerys Targaryen: "I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of old Valyria and I will take what is mine, with fire and blood. I will take it"

    Fans were also very into the tender goodbye between Tyrion and Jaime.

    “If it wasn't for you I would have never survived my childhood. You are the only one who didn't treat me like a monster. You were all I had." — Tyrion and Jaime’s bond tho #GameofThrones

    They felt it was a very satisfying end to this relationship.

    The Lannister Brothers. My favorite pair. I cried and laughed. The loyalty and love they have for each other was stronger than anything. The most satisfying goodbye in this show. #GameOfThrones

    And one of the biggest highlights of the show in general.

    These scenes between Jaime and Tyrion have consistently been the best part of #GameOfThrones. “You were the only one who didn’t treat me like a monster.” (That can be said for both of them.) 😭

    And despite mixed feelings about the way Cersei finally went out on the show, people were loving Lena Headey's performance.

    you may hate cersei, but you can never hate lena headey for delivering such outstanding performances. she deserves all the awards👏👏👏 #gameofthrones

    A queen.

    In fact, the way Cersei went out is maybe exactly how her character WOULD go out.

    I’m obsessed with Cersei dying in Jaime’s arms as the Red Keep collapsed around her bc my good bitch denied her enemies even the satisfaction of executing her

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