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This "Game Of Thrones" Plot Twist Makes No Sense And People Are Disappointed

[Redacted] deserved better. Warning: contains spoilers.

This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5.

Whew. Game of Thrones really did that, huh. They threw Daenerys completely under the bus.

Here's the thing: There have been some moments of foreshadowing that this was the path Daenerys would go down. It was a fan theory for a reason. But they've really played down these elements and consistently made Daenerys the hero — apparently for the sake of making it a bigger twist?

Dany's behavior in this week's Game of Thrones felt jarring and against the grain. It was a slap in the face to all of her character development over the last seven seasons.

1. Fans are calling out the lack of logic in the whole plot...

Daenerys has never had a compulsion to kill innocent people... in all that she's been through she's always directed her hate that people that deserved it. I don't understand what happened in this episode.


Daenerys, WHAT WAS THE REASON!? #GameOfThrones


daenerys for 7 seasons: has never harmed anyone innocent, stopped cultures of rape and violence against women, her priority was always the people daenerys season 8: hears bells of surrender and for some fucking obsurd reason starts killing innocents #GameofThrones


dany locked up her BABIES after drogon killed ONE CHILD but she’s going to burn a million innocents? make it make sense


We waited 2 years to watch Daenerys kill kids #got

6. And pointing out the flaws in the writing.

Mad Queen Dany has been foreshadowed for forever, yes, but the show is just so bad at narrative framing that it still feels unbelievable.


Like there are *ways* to do these things to make them better. Even Dany's descent..there is nothing inherently wrong with that route but it is such a jarring jump!! They didn't draw it out properly!


As Dany burned innocent people, I couldn’t help but wonder if the writers sought to burn her entire character arc as well. #GameofThrones

9. Some people are raising how Dany's fate feels forced in order to justify what happens to other characters.

cersei has been the main villain for seasons and they just turned her into the victim so they could justify dany’s death next episode


they had to assassinate daenerys' character to make jon the hero in the end when he kills her. sounds sexist. but okay!

11. Most of all, people were disappointed that, after everything she's been through — and everything we've been through, watching her — this is where Dany ends up.

They made her worst fear come true, the worst possible ending for one of the shows most beloved and iconic characters. They made her the abusive father she's tried so fucking hard to not be her entire life. Fucking terrible. Absolute trash. You deserved better. #GameofThrones


I just wanna understand what was the point of Dany's arc? You want a mad Targaryen you had Viserys right there. Why would they let her grow from an abused girl, free slaves, help people for 7 seasons just to ruin her character in 2 eps? Disgusting. #GameOfThrones #Daenerys


The saddest part about all this is that everyone will remember dany as the mad queen, not the mother of dragons, not the breaker of chains, not a khaleesi, but the mad daughter of a mad king


anyways I will always love the REAL Daenerys Targaryen ✨


The producers did Daenerys Targaryen dirty. So fucking dirty. I stand by her though. #GameofThrones #fuckallyall


in loving memory of Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name...the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons...she's not dead yet, but her character arc is thanks to the shitty writing. #GameofThrones


daenerys targaryen is my favorite character to ever exist. i have nothing but pure love & admiration for her. over the years she has continuously inspired me to make big achievements & be a better person. i will not let the shitty writing this season take that away from me.


all daenerys wanted was a family from the very beginning when she was all alone in the world. she wanted to be the queen of people who loved her, she wanted to save people and protect people. she deserved a better storyline. #GameofThrones

19. Emilia Clarke deserved better. Daenerys Targaryen deserved better. WE ALL DESERVED BETTER.

With every episode, this clip gives new subtext. #GameOfThrones #DemThrones

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