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23 Funny Images Of Food Looking A Heck Of A Lot Like Vaginas

It's JUST FOOD, guys.

I know a lot of you are going to be like, "HEY VAGINAS AREN’T VULVAS!” but just roll with me here, okay? And if you don’t know the difference, you can learn about that here. Anyway, back to these vagina foods.

1. This pumpkin:

A pumpkin with large folds on one side
ihaveabeveragehere / Via

2. This jar of peanut butter:

a jar of peanut butter with a hole in the middle
YourMomsBox1981 / Via

3. This yam:

A buttered yam split in half
wildsnowmongoose / Via

4. This pear:

A pear that looks like it has legs and a vulva
zj_y33t / Via

5. This tub of butter:

Butter with a small hole in the middle
crazyperson15 / Via

6. This tortellini:

A piece of pasta with folds that look like legs and a vulva
robotprom / Via

7. This oyster:

An oyster on a shell with thin layers of muscle
tzomqe / Via

8. This poached egg:

A poached egg on a bagel with the yolk oozing out
Norse_of_60 / Via

9. This cotton candy:

Fluffy cotton candy with layers
foodnetworkislyfe / Via

10. This edamame:

Cooked edamame split open with the bean inside
mcknazzy / Via

11. This dried mango:

Dried mango fruit with the edges curled up
vitamincandy / Via

12. This tangerine:

A tangerine with a folded part on one side
Chongoloco / Via

13. This pastry:

A baked pastry with many folds in the middle
dam_the_beavers / Via

14. This orange:

An orange with a line down one side
Fluugs / Via

15. This fried chicken:

A piece of fried chicken with a deep space in the middle

16. This baby carrot:

A baby carrot that's naturally split open
gingahh_snapp / Via

17. This strawberry cream pie:

A small pie with a hole in the middle and frosting on top
ryker272 / Via

18. This prime tri-tip sandwich:

A sandwich that has flaps of meat folded out
Johnnydough1240 / Via

19. This steak:

A thin piece of steak with a hold in the middle
Anatolysdream / Via

20. This mango seed:

A seed that has a hole in the middle
ArcticFox-EBE- / Via

21. This mango:

A mango with bulging folds on one side
riceonwhite / Via

22. This pistachio:

A pistachio shell folded around another pistachio
CasusBellyBell / Via

23. And finally, this fortune cookie:

A fortune cookie broken in half and a message that says a pleasant surprise is in store for you tonight
minneapocalypse / Via

H/T /r/mildlyvagina

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