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    OMG, These Star Wars Fans Were The First To Experience Galaxy's Edge At Disneyland

    "Knowing we were the first people to experience this...I could not sleep last night."

    GUYS. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens this Friday, May 31!!! And while most of us will have to wait until then (or much later) to experience this galaxy far, far away, a few lucky fans have already had the honor of visiting Black Spire Outpost on Batuu.

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    And, yes, we can all be jealous.

    Disney scoured the galaxy for fans whose lives have been touched by Star Wars. And their reactions, emotions, and pure joy at seeing the land for the first time will truly warm your heart. Take a look:

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    They got to be the first to build their own droids, craft their own lightsabers, meet Chewbacca, and fly the most legendary ship in the galaxy...the Millennium Falcon. NBD!

    First, there's Christina Cato and her younger brother Baron.

    Disney / Via

    Cato is a self-taught droid builder and lifelong Star Wars fan. She’s also one of three African American droid builders in the world and takes her droids to hospitals to visit sick children. So, obviously, getting to build her own droid at the Droid Depot was mind-blowing.

    Next, was Cora Morrison and her family.

    Disney / Via

    Five-year-old Cora went viral a few years ago with her reaction to the Force Awakens trailer. She called out all of the characters she learned from her sticker book by name (Chewbacca is her new favorite) and, yes, the video is as cute as it sounds. Cora's dad, an avionics technician, and her mom, a scientist, love that characters like Rey exist to inspire their two daughters. And Cora's reaction to meeting Chewbacca IRL was absolutely priceless.

    And finally, the Perales family.

    Disney / Via

    This cool foursome loves to cosplay as Star Wars Rebels characters and they do a lot of charity work for causes like Make-A-Wish and local hospitals, too. They're a family that was brought together by Star Wars and they're known for choreographed lightsaber battles. They also make all of their costumes themselves. So, it was perfectly fitting for them to get the chance to build their very own lightsabers at Savi's Workshop.

    Don't mind me, just sitting here tearing up over watching other people enjoying Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge for the first time.


    But it won't be long now until the rest of the fandom gets to join in on the fun too!

    Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge makes history with epic debuts at Disneyland Park in California on May 31, 2019 and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida on Aug. 29, 2019!

    Joshua Sudock / Joshua Sudock/Disney Parks

    For more information and tickets, visit the Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios sites.

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