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    15 Horrifying Female Serial Killer Wikipedia Pages That Are Not For The Squeamish

    Don't turn off the lights!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the scariest Wikipedia pages they’ve ever read. Here are the nightmare-inducing results.

    Warning: Graphic content ahead, viewer discretion advised.

    1. Leonarda Ciabciulli who turned her victims into soap.

    "She killed three women around her local Italian village and turned them into soap and gave them to other people in the neighborhood."


    2. Elizabeth Báthory who killed hundreds of young women and bathed in their blood., Jacomoman78 / CC / Via

    "She was a Hungarian noblewoman who has been described as the most vicious female serial killer in all recorded history. She tortured and murdered hundreds of young women in the 16th and 17th centuries. She believed that drinking the blood of young girls would preserve her youthfulness and her looks. Oh, and also to bathe in their blood."


    "She reportedly murdered virgin servant girls and bathed in their blood to stay youthful."


    3. Myra Hindley who was called "the most evil woman in Britain" in the press for her involvement in killing five children with her partner Ian Brady.

    Hulton Deutsch / Getty Images, Mirrorpix / Getty Images

    "She recorded the torture of children with her husband. Thank god she ignored her lawyer’s advice, because she had the opportunity to plead down to being an accessory. She would only have served 8 years."


    "She was responsible for the Moors Murders alongside Ian Brady. She was truly an evil sick monster who had no remorse for her actions."


    4. Belle Gunness whose home burned down revealing multiple graves full of hacked up body parts.

    "I first read her Wiki over a decade ago and still think about it to this day."


    5. Dorothea Puente whose total count reached nine confirmed murders and six unconfirmed.

    Sacramento Bee / Tribune News Service via Getty

    "She was an elderly woman who took in boarders and then drugged and dismembered them."


    6. Tillie Klimek who claimed to have "precognitive dreams" predicting her victims' deaths.

    George Rinhart / Getty Images

    "She claimed to be a psychic and predicted deaths of neighborhood dogs with shocking accuracy (yikes). She poisoned and killed three husbands and three neighborhood children. She 'psychically predicted' each of their deaths."


    7. Nannie Doss who killed 11 people and was dubbed a "self-made widow" in the press.

    Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

    "Every time she talked about murdering her husbands she would giggle earning her the nickname 'The Giggling Nanny'."


    8. Amelia Dyer who adopted then murdered many children over a 30-year period in the late 1800s.

    "She was also known as 'The Reading Baby Farmer'. There is no way of knowing how many innocent babies she strangled and dumped in a river."


    9. Karla Homolka who was convicted in the murder of at least three minors when videotape surfaced of her active involvement.

    Dick Loek / Getty Images

    "Karla participated in the rape and murder of several girls, including her little sister."


    10. Linda Hazzard aka "The Starvation Doctor" who was responsible for at least 15 deaths.

    "She opened a sanitarium to lure in victims with the promise of curing their ailments and then starved them to death!"


    11. Rosemary West who murdered and tortured at least nine women along with her husband.

    "The story creeped me out when I first heard it, and it still leaves me unsettling."


    "Fred and Rosemary West were sexual sadists who killed a confirmed 12 women including one of their daughters and then threatened the other kids with the same fate."


    12. Beverley Allitt aka The Angel of Death who administered large doses of insulin to at least two of her victims.

    David Giles - Pa Images / Getty Images, Mirrorpix / Getty Images

    "She was an English nurse who murdered a number of toddlers for attention."


    13. Joanne Dennehy who killed her victims, all male, by stabbing them.

    NBC / Via

    "Other female serial killers tend to target the vulnerable type (children, the elderly or the sick) or people they know well. This wasn't the case for Dennehy as she purposely set out to kill men, apparently for a laugh."


    14. Blanche Taylor Moore who was sentenced for poisoning her boyfriend and was suspected in the death of a husband and her mother-in-law.

    ABC 11 / Via

    "She poisoned her husbands by slipping arsenic into her famed peanut butter milkshakes. She got the dosage wrong on her last attempted murder, and he wound up not dead but in the hospital, where they found he had arsenic in his bloodstream. She’s awaiting execution on death row in North Carolina."


    15. And finally, Judith Neelley who killed two women and attempted a third.

    WVTM 13 / Via

    "She and her husband Alvin kidnapped, raped, tortured then killed two women. They injected Drano and Liquid Plumber into them."