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    The Heartbreaking Reveal About Rue's Hoodie In "Euphoria" Has People Screaming And Crying All At Once

    How did we all miss this?

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!

    The season finale of HBO's Euphoria was last night and to say people had A LOT of feelings about it would be an understatement.


    Season 1 ended with some frustrating cliffhangers: Did Rue really just relapse??? Will Maddy expose Nate/his dad??? AND IS FEZ GOING TO BE OK?!?!

    But one of the most emotional moments of the show was the reveal that the purple hoodie Rue has been wearing all season belonged to her dad.


    For those of you who don't watch the show, or plain forgot, Rue's father died from cancer before the main of the events of the series.

    For a refresher, in the beginning of the episode, Rue's BFF/super crush Jules says, "The fact that you usually dress like Seth Rogen, although you make it cute sometimes, like, it crushes my soul... When was the last time you didn't wear a hoodie and sweatpants?"



    But what Jules (and, let's be real, all of us) didn't realize is that said hoodie actually had a lot of personal meaning to Rue.


    In a particularly heartbreaking montage later in the episode, we see Rue inherit the hoodie after her dad's death.

    Rue cuddles it, smells it, and finally takes it on as her own/her loving memory of him.


    Suffice to say, fans were, like, real not OK with this revelation:

    that’s her daddy’s hoodie and she wears it all the time i- #EuphoriaHBO #EuphoriaFinale

    wait..the jacket she always wears is her DADS???? #euphoria #euphoriahbo #euphoriafinale

    realizing that Rue always wears that maroon jacket because it was her dad’s #EuphoriaFinale

    When rue picked up her dads sweater #EuphoriaFinale #EuphoriaHBO

    That’s why she wears that jacket so much that’s her father’s #EuphoriaFinale

    Rue was really wearing her dad’s clothes all season. How did I miss that??? #EuphoriaHBO #EuphoriaFinale

    Annnnnnd just to mess with our emotions a little more, Zendaya tweeted a pic of herself wearing the same hoodie and captioned it with this message, "Wore Rue’s hoody today, haven’t worn or washed it since we wrapped. Safe to say I’m deep in my feels LOL."

    Wore Rue’s hoody today, haven’t worn or washed it since we wrapped. Safe to say I’m deep in my feels lol



    See y'all in Season 2!!!

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