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    19 Life Hacks That Made Me Say, "Damn, That's Genius"

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    Sometimes people come up with super-clever tricks or "life hacks" that are so simple they're actually borderline genius. Well, here are a bunch of random ones that will probably change your life in little, but very smart, ways. Enjoy!

    1. Like this quick and easy translation hack:

    2. This hack that can help solve storage problems:

    3. This surprising, but amazing, hack we could all use:

    4. This hack that's great for people who worry:

    5. This hack that's handy for hanging up pictures...

    6. ...and this one, too:

    7. This hack that's good to know before packing:

    8. This hack that is honestly genius:

    9. This hack that will change your freezer game:

    10. This hack that's good for you AND the planet:

    Instead of polluting the planet with confetti, hole punch leaves instead! Fully biodegradable! #BeTheChange4Earth

    Twitter: @LilCox2627

    11. This hack that's useful for accident-prone folks:

    12. This organization hack that is also very satisfying:

    13. This hack that's just very good to know:

    14. This hack that's helpful in a pinch:

    15. This hack that's helpful if you don't have an adjustable wrench:

    16. This hack that's useful if you get a splinter while you're out and about:

    17. This hack that's truly clever:

    18. This hack to easily thread a needle:

    19. And finally, this very educational hack courtesy of This Old House legend Tom Silva:


    Find Measurements without using Math with @tomsilvatoh 📏 #math #thisoldhouse #measure #tomsilva #diy

    ♬ original sound - This Old House

    H/T r/lifehacks