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    17 Super Smart People Who Shared The Easiest And Greatest Life Hacks

    I wish I was this smart.

    Sometimes ordinary, everyday people come up with super-clever tricks, or "life hacks," if you will. And, honestly, it's impressive how some of the simplest things can totally blow your mind. Here are some of the best...

    1. Like this person who's clearly an expert packer:

    2. And this person, too:

    3. This person who's taken apart their fair share of furniture:

    4. This person who found an additional use for simple cutlery:

    5. And this person, too:

    6. This person who's solved an annoying issue for all of us:

    7. This person who knows a thing or two about packaging:

    8. This person who figured out a great tech hack:

    9. This person who has a great hack for runners:

    10. This person who figured out a great way to hang anything:

    11. This person who's clearly a smart world traveler:

    12. This person who's changing the game:

    13. This person who created a hack that's useful for accident-prone folks:

    14. This person who has an organization hack that is also very satisfying:

    15. This person who shared a great cooking hack:

    16. This person who knows how to remove a splinter on the fly:

    17. And finally, this person who has a hack that's good for you AND the planet:

    Instead of polluting the planet with confetti, hole punch leaves instead! Fully biodegradable! #BeTheChange4Earth

    Twitter: @LilCox2627

    H/T: r/lifehacks