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17 Grooming Fails That Are Really Just Wins

Because every dog is still adorable, no matter how bad the cut.

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1. This puffy pooch whose look is inadvertently phallic.

Sweet dreams.

2. This boy with an unwanted brim:

"Frankie's groomer thought it would be fly if she gave him a fur visor."

3. This unfortunately fro'd friend:

Happy little pee on.

4. This curled cad:

"Yeahhh so remember how I said I wanted a piggy?! Be careful what you wish for... 😒"


5. This lil' guy with A Flock of Seagulls inspired-do:

I ran so far away... after a bad haircut.

6. This puppy that turned into a bunny post-groomers:

"Sent my Fur Babies to get came back looking like a bunny."

7. This pooch with a mane:

King of the backyard.

8. And this pint-sized pup turned lion:



9. This coiffed cocker spaniel:

Not everyone can pull of bangs.

10. This unevenly trimmed pup:

Don't blame him for being angry.

11. This hound with a helmet:

"At least the groomer gave waffles helmet hair for football season 😩"

12. This dog with a cut that's out of this world:

Phone home. Tell them you aren't happy about your new look.


13. This lil' guy whose secret has been exposed:

Turns out dogs can have freckles too.

14. This tiny pup who has a mish-mashed look goin' on now:

Still super cute.

15. This punk-inspired pup who DGAF:

"What you lookin' at?!"

16. This shag-footed dog who'll never get cold feet:

Until he goes to the groomers again anyway.

17. And this adorable hound who's secretly a breakfast fanatic:

All he needs is a hat.