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    David Harbour Just Wants You To Know Joe Keery Stole His Hair

    Don't worry, no real Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers here!

    Let's just all agree that one of the best things to come out of Stranger Things (other than, you know, EVERYTHING) is Steve's fabulous hair.

    However, David Harbour, aka our beloved Chief Hopper, recently posted THIS and would like everyone to know that Joe Keery's 'do is just another "reboot."


    A side-by-side for funsies:

    And while I'm loving this young David Harbour-Steve Keery comparison, one fan was quick to point out this uncanny resemblance, too:

    Which then immediately prompted Harbour to make this lovely triptych and post it with the caption, "The lineage is strong. And I hope this will teach you not to encourage me, internet."

    Turns out mornings are for coffee and contemplation...