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People Have Absolutely Lost It Over Daemon Targaryen In "House Of The Dragon" Episode 3

"Just realized that Daemon said not one word from the moment he came off the dragon till he walked out with you know what. Matt Smith is killing this role."

If you tuned in for this week's House of the Dragon, then you probably need no reminder about Daemon "Fuck it — I'll do it myself" Targaryen's BIG MOMENT.

Daemon Targaryen

For a refresher, it's been a three (yes, THREE) year time jump since Episode 2, and in this week's episode, "Second of His Name," we found Daemon battling alongside Corlys Velaryon against the Crabfeeder in the Stepstones.

Corlys Velaryon

By this point, Daemon and Corlys have nearly exhausted their resources and are on the brink of losing their fight.

warriors looking at their resources on a table

However, after some repeated persuasion from members of the small council, Viserys finally bends and informs Daemon that he'll be sending aid.

Daemon holding a message

Of course, Daemon, being the prideful younger brother that he is, is LESS than thrilled about the arrival of this news and, after ~shooting~ the messenger (sorry, guy)...

Daemon angrily hitting the messenger

...rows off Gendry-style to go on something of a suicide mission.

closeup of Daemon

And what follows is QUITE the spectacular display of bravery/madness/fighting from Daemon.

Daemon holding up a weapon

Fans were quick to note that not only was Daemon's big moment amazing to watch, but it also blew everyone's minds that he did so while having no dialogue the entire episode:

Daemon fckn Targaryen did not utter a single word from the moment he stepped out from Caraxes, got belittled, read a letter, sailed through the waters alone, fake surrender, hit by arrows. The eyes and body tell a LOT. Phenomenal acting is what this is! #HouseoftheDragon #HOTD

HBO / Via Twitter: @gonlyb

Bro did not say a single word and still took the whole episode! Daemon Fucking Targaryen🔥 #HouseoftheDragon #hotd

HBO / Via Twitter: @dcruzk10

And, of course, it made people even more appreciative of Matt Smith's A+++ performance...

Just realised that Daemon said not one word from the moment he came off the dragon till he walked out with you know what. Matt Smith is killing this role. #HOTD #HouseoftheDragon

HBO / Via Twitter: @SamNatasha1972

I’ve been a Matt Smith fan since Dr Who. I think he’s brilliant in every role he plays but his role as Daemon Targaryen is another level. That was some perfect casting! #HouseoftheDragon #HOTD

HBO / Via Twitter: @Phenomhk

Once a upon a time everyone hated the casting of Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen, & he’s making everyone who didn’t like him as Daemon eat their words #HouseOfTheDragon

HBO / Via Twitter: @HOTDsource

...and the showrunners' handling of the character:

In 3 episodes, the actor & showrunners already did a splendid job in adapting Daemon Targaryen from book to screen. All the early character nuances give justice to how he was described. #HouseoftheDragon #HOTD

HBO / Via Twitter: @gonlyb

They even felt like the hole Jon Snow left in their hearts had been filled:

daemon has filled a jon snow sized hole in my heart #HouseoftheDragon

HBO / Via Twitter: @postchae

Me reading all of the Jon Snow and Daemon Targaryen comparisons this morning. #Houseofthedragon

HBO / Via Twitter: @ASOIAFQuotesGOT

But, generally, people were absolutely LIVING for Daemon's dramatic mad dash at the end of the episode, and making some hilarious jokes and observations about it:

Rickon Stark seeing Daemon avoid all those arrows #HouseOfTheDragon

ESPN / Via Twitter: @HOTDsource

Laenor & Seasmoke saving Daemon from the Triarchy gave that old GOT feeling again 🔥 #HouseoftheDragon


On a scale of 1 to Daemon how well do you handle getting texts from your family #hotd

HBO / Via Twitter: @RhymesWithFleek

I can't belive Daemon Targaryen waited 3 years for Viserys to send him aid just so he can be "oh now you want to help me?" and finally end the war in a suicidal mission. I love his drama. #HOTD

Twitter: @conquerorscrown

Daemon rather put himself in harms way and risk death than admit that he needs Viserys’ help. He just like me fr #HOTD

Entertainment One / Via Twitter: @NightOwlNikk

Daemon really said fuck your reinforcements #HOTD

Bravo / Via Twitter: @jeffreythomasjm

Viserys: gotchu bro I’m sending help Daemon: #HouseoftheDragon

Marvel / Via Twitter: @alan_sneider66

Prince Daemon Targaryen? y’all know i’m right. #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #Houseofthedragon #Hotd

VH1 / Via Twitter: @watrmelonsugarr

me to Daemon Targaryen after episode 3:

ESPN / Via Twitter: @LessIsMoh

Daemon Targaryen in the 4th quarter of the war #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #houseofdragon

ESPN / Via Twitter: @Pompapalooza

Daemon walking out of the cave holding half of the Crab Feeder like #HouseoftheDragon #hotd

UNC Basketball / youtube.com / Via Twitter: @ProlificVisuals

Daemon waving the white flag knowing damn well he's not surrendering #HOTD #HouseoftheDragon

Twitter: @Nina_labyrinth

Viserys: I'm sending you some help bro Daemon: NOT ON MY FUCKING WATCH *goes wild* #HouseoftheDragon #DaemonTargaryen

Twitter: @medea_nunc_sum_

War veteran Caraxes casually blocking fiery arrows with those durable wings. Then when Daemon got hit, he felt it and screeched. The spiritual bond of these two 🥺 Outstanding opening sequence! #HouseoftheDragon #HOTD

HBO / Via Twitter: @gonlyb

Me to Daemon and Rhaenyra: (And them to each other probably) #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

Bravo / Via Twitter: @elenbasketball

Daemon after reading that his brother is gonna help him #HouseOfTheDragonHBO

Twitter: @shuter_max

When Daemon walks out with half a Crabfeeder #HOTD

HBO / Via Twitter: @10kindlej
ESPN / Via Twitter: @KingJosiah54

Daemon pulling up on the crabfeeder 🦀#HouseoftheDragon

Twitter: @AshDuhFunk / Via Facebook: watch
HBO / Via Twitter: @targreader

Me after watching Daemon Targaryen each week

Fox / Via Twitter: @hunnyswamp

What did you think of Daemon's performance this week?! Did you love it? Is he your new (or continued) favorite character?! Tell us in the comments below!