People Are OBSESSED With Daemon Targaryen On "House Of The Dragon"

    Despite his controversial personality, it turns out House of the Dragon fans are loving Daemon and are already having a ball making jokes about how ~wicked~ and chaotic he is.

    If you tuned in for the premiere of House of the Dragon — aka the biggest show of 2022 — this weekend, then Daemon Targaryen probably needs no introduction to your world.

    Daemon Targaryen in full armor

    For a refresher, Daemon is the younger brother of current Westeros ruler, King Viserys I Targaryen. He's also the uncle of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen who, by the end of the first episode, has been named heir to Viserys's throne.

    a man sitting on a throne

    Given that Daemon was technically next in line to the throne and therefore the ~rightful~ heir (at least in his mind), you can imagine he's, well, kind of pissed off.

    closeup of Daemon

    Of course, even before all this family drama, we learned Daemon was something of a loose cannon within the Targaryen family already.

    Daemon looking annoyed

    He's hot-tempered, ambitious, and quite aggressively violent by nature.

    Daemon looking angry

    But what really did him in was the whole, ahem, "Heir for a day," thing. 👀

    closeup of Daemon smiling

    Despite his controversial personality, it turns out House of the Dragon fans are KIIIIIINDA loving Daemon and are already having a BALL making jokes about how ~wicked~ and chaotic he is...


    Daemon Targaryen to his nephew if he had lived #Houseofthedragon

    Twitter: @FreeFolkMemes / Via Facebook Watch


    Daemon after Viserys' son dies 💀 #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #HOTD

    Twitter: @HateStrongs / Via Twitter: @thogdad


    Daemon Targaryen bout to me have me STRESSED this season. #hotd #houseofthedragon

    Twitter: @Juraiacies / Via FX


    Twitter: @Thrones_Memes / Via Marvel
    a meme of a child and Paul Rudd smiling and the child saying, "He's so toxic; I love him!"


    Daemon Targaryen killing murderers & rapists on the spot… #HOTD #HouseoftheDragon

    Twitter: @Scoby20


    Daemon When The Small Council is Speaking About Him : #HouseoftheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @DailyHOTD_


    me whenever daemon looks at rhaenyra #HOTD

    Twitter: @rosetoned / Via NBC


    Daemon Targaryen after being a complete asshole but becoming everyone’s fave character

    Twitter: @dustinspoirier / Via Prime Video


    Daemon Targaryen plotting in the middle of the orgy like #HouseoftheDragon

    Twitter: @FreeFolkMemes / Via HBO


    Daemon Targaryen leaving kings landing after having his heir status revoked

    Twitter: @montereyjacq / Via E!


    Daemon watching the council cook him for a good 10 min #hotd

    Twitter: @DrabuIe / Via NBC


    I’m sorry, Daemon ain’t shit. But he’s a bad bitch and I stan. #HouseoftheDragon

    Twitter: @HealthyNuance / Via CBS


    Daemon after Viserys lost his wife and son

    Twitter: @KingJosiah54 / Via CBS


    "Heir for a day" Daemon already giving zero fucks #HouseoftheDragon

    Twitter: @Manny_Rae / Via HBO


    Daemon dropped that heir for a day line and after I picked my jaw up off the floor I got excited at how much I'ma love to hate this dude. That's a Cersei level bar we are back in business baby

    Twitter: @DragonflyJonez


    This is daemon Targaryen #HouseOfTheDragonHBO

    Twitter: @xiomy_loly / Via Disney


    Daemon Targaryen is a menace I see.. #HouseoftheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @Chkcaseofideas / Via Paramount Pictures


    Daemon Targaryen returning back to Kings Landing: #HOTD #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @Scoby20


    Viserys: “You are not my heir” Daemon: #HouseoftheDragon

    Twitter: @_the_extra / Via CBS


    King: Daemon has ambition but not for the throne Daemon watching behind the screen like “bet” #HOTD #DragonsYall

    Twitter: @Mihrimah_FS / Via Channel 5


    Daemon getting his right to the throne revoked after his celebration speech #HOTD #HouseOfTheDragonHBO

    Twitter: @TylerYounggren / Via Warner Bros.


    Daemon Targaryen coming up with “the heir for a day”

    Twitter: @JBfromDC89 / Via VH1


    He really said “Heir for a day” and then “we must all mourn in our own way” LIKE BRUH #HouseoftheDragon

    Twitter: @JulianHiggins03

    What are your thoughts on Daemon Targaryen? Do you stan?! Tell us in the comments below!

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