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    Daemon Targaryen Is A Chaotic Mess, And People Are Loving It

    "Daemon wasn’t even home for a good 24 hours before he was exiled again. I love my messy king."

    Now that the dust has settled on House of the Dragon Episode 4, "King of the Narrow Sea," let's take a moment to talk about everyone's favorite uncle, Daemon Targaryen.

    Daemon smiling

    If you're caught up, you'll remember that upon returning to King's Landing — after his IMPRESSIVE victory over the Crab Feeder — Daemon waltzed into town sporting a new haircut and crown.

    After turning over said crown and command of the Stepstones to Viserys, Daemon made up with his big brother. All seemed well!

    Viserys and Daemon hugging

    Heck, they even laughed like bros at Alicent Hightower's expense after she suggested Daemon check out the new tapestries. (SHE WAS JUST BEING NICE?!)

    After all the royal court niceties, Daemon then took his beloved niece Rhaenyra out for some debaucherous fun in Flea Bottom. They ended up at a pleasure house, and, well, we all know what happened there. (Yikes.)

    Daemon holding Rhaenyra's face

    Things got hot and heavy between them, but for whatever personal turmoil–inspired reason, Daemon left Rhaenyra before things went "too far."

    Daemon with his hand over Rhaenyra's against a wall

    Later, Otto Hightower, being the self-interested Hand of the King that he is, outted Daemon and Rhaenyra to Viserys in a way that can only be described as painfully awkward.

    Otto saying Daemon and Rhaenyra were scene in the bowels of a pleasure den... coupling

    Upset, Viserys then confronted both Rhaenyra and Daemon about what happened.

    Viserys saying she's just a girl, your niece

    And not only did very hungover Daemon embrace what happened, but he straight-up DOUBLED DOWN on his affections for Rhaenyra.

    Daemon saying wed her to me

    Viserys did not take well to Daemon's proposal — assuming Daemon really just wants the throne — and ordered his little brother back to the Vale.

    Suffice to say, all of Daemon's TRULY CHAOTIC actions throughout this episode had fans screaming and making A+++ jokes about all the drama:


    Look at Daemon being a meow meow resting his head on Viserys, as if he didn't do a suicidal stunt in the Stepstones, cuz he didn't want help from his brother 😭 #HouseOfTheDragon #HouseOfTheDragonHBO

    Twitter: @gonlyb / Via HBO


    Daemon Targaryen before creating chaos and drama around him, cuz he just can't live without stressing tf out of everyone 🤣 #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @gonlyb / Via HBO


    Daemon visiting his family and being exiled again in less than a day: #HouseOfTheDragon #DaemonTargaryen

    Twitter: @azlysaav


    Daemon wasn’t even home for a good 24 hours before he was exiled again. I love my messy king #HouseOftheDragon

    Twitter: @Miss_AshG


    Daemon when Rhaneyra started kissing him back #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @suddenlypaula / Via Nickelodeon


    Never in my 27 years have I related more than when Daemon just rolled his hungover ass back over on the floor #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @hicspic / Via HBO


    “What lord will wed her in this condition 😡” Daemon: #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @HOTDsource / Via Lionsgate


    Daemon when he suggested to Viserys that he marry Rhaenyra #HouseOfTheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @musicaldoogle / Via NBC


    rhaenyra when alicent asked about her and daemon #houseofthedragon

    Twitter: @mariaxolivia / Via HBO


    rhaenyra: “daemon didn't touch me” #HouseOfTheDragon me:

    Twitter: @fortargaryen / Via HBO


    WHO MADE THIS LMAOO My chaotic duo 😭🔥 #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @elaaott / Via HBO / NBC


    Pro-choice, pro-sex workers, pro-sexual liberty for women, daemon truly invented feminism KING #daemontargaryen #daemyra #Rhaenyra #HouseOfTheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @idkmayisay / Via HBO


    Alicent: “Perhaps Prince Daemon would love to see the tapestries?” Viserys and Daemon: #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @FreeFolkMemes


    Otto’s spy watching Rhaenyra and Daemon #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @r_tredz / Via Fox


    Twitter: @vasilisonka / Via HBO


    Daemon "I can't focus on anything else but you" Targaryen #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @gonlyb / Via HBO


    TECHNICALLY Rhaenyra didn’t fuck Daemon in the pleasure house, they /almost/ fucked. Just a little smoochy smooch #HouseOftheDragon #HoTD

    Twitter: @Marebear200 / Via DIsney+


    Twitter: @dcemyra / Via HBO


    rhaenyra: feeling upset and rejected by daemon Meanwhile Daemon: #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @LaKhaleesi__ / Via Fox


    viserys: what lord will wed her now? in this condition? daemon: #houseofthedragon

    Twitter: @silvcrwings / Via NBC


    Caraxes every time Daemon comes to the dragonpit to get him because they gotta go into exile again #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @Miss_AshG / Via ICC


    daemon targaryen after kissing rhaenyra one (1) time #HouseoftheDragon #daemyra

    Twitter: @crabbykara / Via BBC


    westeros if viserys let daemon and rhaenyra marry

    Twitter: @vasilisonka


    Daemon really only came to town to cause chaos and mayhem. #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #Houseofthedragon #Hotd

    Twitter: @watrmelonsugarr / Via Warner Bros.


    Daemon continuing to be chaos embodied #HouseOftheDragon

    Twitter: @TheLordofMelons / Via The Verzuz


    Daemon Targaryen is the most iconic and dramatic blonde ever, sorry not sorry #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @darklinax_ / Via HBO


    every week I open hbo thinking to myself "I wonder what crimes daemon targaryen is committing today and what can I do to support him" #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @idrewlv / Via HBO

    What did you think of this week's episode? Are you as obsessed with Daemon and his chaotic actions as everyone else? Tell us in the comments below!