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    19 Short And Sweet Pregnancy Stories That Will Make You Say, "Awww"

    "My husband set up a snack station next to my side of the bed."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the sweetest thing partners did for them when they were pregnant. And their responses prove that sometimes the simplest things are truly the greatest things:

    1. The husband who *lifted up* his wife's spirits...and belly!

    With both my pregnancies my husband would come up behind me and lift my tummy up off my hips while I was doing dishes or just standing, etc. It worked great and omg it felt so much better!


    2. The partner who was up to a very important tASSk.

    Staras / Getty Images

    I was so constipated, so big, and constantly throwing up. He gave me an enema because it was too hard to do it myself. Our relationship was pretty new, we were NOT at that level yet, LOL.


    3. The guy who bought a baby pool just so his pregnant wife could soak her feet while they enjoyed dinner al fresco.

    We eat outside almost every night when it’s nice out, but I was SUPER pregnant in the middle of summer and couldn’t handle the heat. My husband went out and bought a baby pool and quite literally put the outside table in it so I could soak my feet in ice cold water, sit under an umbrella, and resume our al fresco dinners that I enjoyed pre-pregnancy.


    4. The husband who created an at-home spa for his wife.

    After a long serving shift I came home to a candle lit bath, chocolate chip cookies, and laptop queued up to my favorite Netflix show... BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.


    5. The partner who took the art of shaving to a new level.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    My husband shaved my legs for me. He was so focused and so gentle with the razor. He took his time to make sure every hair was gone since I couldn’t reach anymore.

    —Danielle Reasonover, Facebook

    6. The spouse who DIY'd an actual "snack station" for his partner's middle-of-the-night cravings.

    kelly_sophiaslimmingworld / Via

    My husband set up a snack station next to my side of the bed and stocked it every night before we went to bed with cookies, crackers, and a small ice chest of assorted fruits, water, and juices.


    7. The thoughtful genius who made an equally useful and cozy "puke station."

    xoxobunzbunyxoxo / Via

    My husband one time made me a puke station in the bathroom because I was so sick that week. He put pillows and a big comfy blanket on the floor for me because I was just using my house coat for comfort at that point.


    8. The hero who gave weekly pedicures.

    My husband gives me weekly pedicures, even after working 12-hour days to support our family. I truly could not ask for a better man!


    9. The guy who would stop at nothing (even terrible weather) to satisfy his partner's very specific craving.

    Twitter: @IndiMamma

    We were young, very poor, didn't own a car, and lived in DC. He traveled in the snow after a storm on the bus to find me Maryland blue crabs in the middle of January. I was three months along and at peak cravings.


    10. And the husband who was cool with a little winter-cooking.

    NativeWarriorPigeon / Via

    Nine months along, just a week or so before giving birth, he was outside in the middle of the night GRILLING a steak for me...IN A SNOWSTORM!


    11. The spouse who learned a new skill just to give their partner some relief.

    New Line Cinema

    When I was pregnant and had horrible high blood pressure, I would get the worst headaches of my life. So my husband, bless him, taught himself pressure points and would massage my headaches away for me while singing to the baby.


    12. The wife who was willing to freeze overnight just so her partner could be comfortable.

    madam.schark / Via

    I had the worst hot flashes during my pregnancy. My wife made sure that our entire apartment was as cold as humanly possible when I got home from work. She turned on all our tiny ACs and hung sheets to keep the cold air from escaping. She fell asleep freezing that night, but I was very comfortable.


    13. The partner who went to great lengths, literally, to craft the perfect meal.

    mycptbeard / Via

    One time he went to FOUR different fast food places to bring me the meal of my dreams.

    —Katie Kesner, Facebook

    14. The husband who left work early to surprise his wife with all her favorite things (and more).

    I came home to find that my husband had left work early to get me my favorite peanut butter-stuffed pretzels, pizza for dinner, a dozen roses, a pregnancy band to help my back pain, and a baby outfit.


    15. The husband who voluntarily ~suffered~ right along with his partner.


    On the day of the gender reveal ultrasound, I had to drink a massive amount of water so that they could see my full bladder. So I wouldn’t suffer alone, my husband drank the same massive amount of water so that we could suffer together.


    16. The boyfriend who helped his pregnant partner pee.

    I have arthritis in my knees and the added weight from my pregnancy has been awful for me. When I’m exhausted at the ended of the day and the pain is really bad he helps me on and off the toilet. And because I feel embarrassed and needy he’ll dance the whole time I’m peeing to make me laugh.


    17. The person who made sure their partner got a perfect night's sleep no matter where she was.

    thoserollinstho / Via

    When I was pregnant we had a rule called, “Leave me where I lay.” Wherever and whenever I fell asleep, my husband was strictly prohibited from waking me up. He would just cover me with some blankets, plug in my phone, and set my alarm for the morning.


    18. And the one who gave up personal comfort for partner support.

    writeintothedark / Via

    He slept on the floor with me for four months because it was more comfortable than our bed.

    — Kathryn Heather Herrera, Facebook

    19. And finally, the husband who made his pregnant wife's childhood dream come true.

    My husband took me to Disneyland when I was five months pregnant because I always wanted to go once before kids!


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    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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