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Tell Me Something Ridiculously Sweet Your Partner Did For You When You Were Pregnant

*Six months pregnant* Can't. Bend. Down.

Pregnancy is not without its struggles, but sometimes you're lucky enough to have a partner who can help you out.

burtnaypar / Via

Maybe your significant other shaved your legs once your belly got too big to bend down...

...or even painted your toenails!

Perhaps they cooked something *interesting* for you in the middle of the night JUST to help satisfy your highly-specific craving.

"Pregnant wife craving pizza AND burgers, so I made..."

Or maybe even a total stranger helped you out when you needed it most!?

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WE WANT TO KNOW!!! What sweet/thoughtful/awwww-inducing thing did your partner (or even a STRANGER?!) do for you when you were pregnant!?

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Leave your stories and photos in the dropbox below, and it could potentially be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.