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    17 People Who Should Never Be Allowed To Design Clothes Again. Ever.

    "What do you mean it looks weird?" h/t r/CrappyDesign

    1. The designer who should've given this pattern a second look.

    So my sister had a Clemson mask made for her… from CrappyDesign

    2. The person who created this shirt without thinking of the consequences.

    My wife’s T-shirt says “Saturday” from funny

    3. The creator of this kids sweater who I'm sure had good intentions, but...

    Children fashion choices 🤔😈 from CrappyDesign

    4. The person who made this unintentionally hilarious.

    My girlfriend has a pair of gloves and all of the fingers are the same length. from CrappyDesign

    5. The designer of this statement who needs to go back to the drawing board.

    Thanks for the advice from CrappyDesign

    6. And this one, too.

    Don't. Believing in yourself. Quit. from CrappyDesign

    7. The person who really didn't think this one through.

    Seems like an appropriate jersey for this sub . . . from CrappyDesign

    8. The person who made this print (who I have a lot of questions for).

    This shirt says Taco Tuesday but has a picture of pizza from mildlyinteresting

    9. The creator of this shirt who's apparently not familiar with fruits.

    A shirt I found in a charity shop the other day from CrappyDesign

    10. The person who designed this shirt...doesn't quite get it.

    There is no roar in dinosaur. from CrappyDesign

    11. The designer who made these ~questionable~ socks.

    My gf's gym socks. from CrappyDesign

    12. The person whose idea it was to put that bow, in that color, there.

    What every bride wants: a brown ribbon streaming out of her ass. from CrappyDesign

    13. The creator of these boots who MUST be trolling us all.

    14. The person who put together these leggings.

    Perfectly placed Leaning Tower of Pisa on yoga pants from Perfectfit

    15. The designer who ~definitely~ wrote GYM and nothing else on this shirt.

    Gym hair, don’t care. INFINITY from CrappyDesign

    16. The person who decided a flower would be perfectly placed here.

    I couldn't stop giggling at her new "flower" dress. from funny

    17. And finally, the person who decided this was okay.

    This Pennywise halloween costume from CrappyDesign

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